Monday, July 28, 2008

Spin Cycle or Permanent Press?

Yes, you may be wondering...where was our blogger this weekend? Have no fear, I was out prowling around our lovely laundry rooms. Yes...some people in Arlington Village still don't have washers/dryers crammed into their tiny closets or displayed in their kitchens. They choose to do laundry the old-fashioned way...laundromat style. :)

The whole reason I went on this quest is because I heard some discussion about the lack of maintenance in some of the laundry rooms. For instance, I was told that a few of the washing machines in one room have been broken for almost 2 one of the dryers doesn't really dry your clothes while the one next to it is WAY too hot.

Now the person(s) in question have called the office to report the problem a few times...but still no laundry repairman in sight. I noticed in the rooms that there is a telephone number on the machines to report the problem. Perhaps I should go and try and call the number and see what they say.

I didn't really see any other problems in the other laundry rooms that I could find in Arlington Village except for being a bit dusty. I know that I didn't go into all of them...however...the fact is no laundry room should go two months with broken machines.

One interesting point that everyone might like to know in case you are tired of bringing your blankets to the laundromat...there are commercial washers in some of the laundry rooms. I had no idea that we even had this in Arlington Village. Perhaps this should be listed some where on the website...


Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention this. On Thursday, one washer in the laundry room I use didn't finish spinning because it blew the outlet (which it's done before). A guy who came in after me called maintenance.

I did some more laundry on Saturday, and this time THREE washers were out. It looked like someone had tried to plug in the bad washer into two other outlets and it blew them too. Obviously maintenance hadn't showed up to fix it.

It would be nice to know which laundry rooms have the commercial washers!

Lily said...

Getting a list of the location of those laundry rooms with commercial washers is a brilliant idea--perhaps the blog moderator would post them here? Now, what's the best way to survey the laundry rooms...any volunteers?

Anonymous said...

I've used the laundry room/washer/dryer in excess of 250 times over the years, and I could count the number of inconveniences on one hand. I had assumed that the washer/dryer was maintained by a third party contracted by Arlington Village. And, naturally, the contracted company had vested interest in keeping all the machines working - as that is how they made money.

Of course, providing a constant flow of electricity to the machines would be the responsibility of Arl. Village.

The only problems I've had is with the other residents; to wit: people leaving clothes in the machines for extended periods of time, using all the dryers at once at 1/3 capacity, not realizing the dryers have a temp. control button and extending the dry time.

Is there not a posted number to call - not Arl. Vill. - to report a broken machine?

Anonymous said...

Could the monkey be in one of the dryers?