Thursday, January 28, 2010

Board Meeting, Security Committee

Did anyone attend the Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday? Is there any feedback from the meeting that residents would like to share? It has been quiet on the comment front lately.

I did receive a note that the Security Committee chair resigned. Security is obviously an important part of our community. What is the next step here? This could be a great chance to revamp this committee outside the usual game nights and holiday lighting contest.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Board of Directors Meeting Tomorrow

It seems to be a busy week for Arlington Village. I noticed there is a Board meeting tomorrow night, a special meeting on Wednesday regarding the environment resources committee and a Town Hall on Thursday. Anyone attending? Please fill the blog in on the details.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Blues & Weekend Plans

Is there anything interesting going on in the community this weekend? I feel like we are in the middle of winter and there is not much going on. Suggestions?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Auto Larceny in Arlington Village

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO: All Village Residents
FROM: AV Security Committee through AV Management Office
RE: Auto Larceny in Arlington Village
DATE: January 19, 2010

Three residents reported that their cars were broken-into in the 1000block of South Barton Street in Arlington Village.The passenger door windows were smashed and at least a GPS and clothingwere taken. Arlington County Police were notified. Help prevent Larceny from Autos by doing the following:

• Lock your car
• Close the windows
• Do not leave valuables in plain view (GPS, Satellite Radios,and Cell Phones etc.).
• Call the police immediately if your car is broken into or stolen, with a follow up call to the Arlington Village ManagementOffice.

Please report all crimes and suspicious activity to the ArlingtonCounty Police immediately. For more information on how you can prevent from being a victim of acrime, go to the Arlington County Police Departments web site: under Prevention & Safety /Auto Theft

Thank you for helping to keep Arlington Village safe.

The Security Committee

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Town Hall Meeting

Excerpt from the Crier:

Please plan to attend the upcoming Arlington Village Town Hall Meeting on January 28th in the Village Community Room at 7pm to discuss recent management changes and how we can improve Village management going forward.

Email questions in advance to

Friday, January 8, 2010

Comments from Del. Ebbin Regarding VA Bag Tax Proposal

Delegate Ebbin chimed in on the bag tax debate under comments of the last post.

Adam Ebbin said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In terms of money to the government, it really is a voluntary fee. If people don't want to pay, all they need to do is use a permanent bag. My goal is to influence people's minds, not get into their wallets. If the legislation is a true success, we will collect less and less money as consumers become more environmentally supportive. In DC, grocery and drug stores gave out tens of thousands of bags as the program started with many going to poorer residents. I am hopeful that we could work with grocery chains to distribute bags and then to continue distributing bags to food stamp recipients and seniors at no cost.

As your representative to state government, I welcome your thoughts on how we can amend and perfect my legislation. Feel free to write to me directly at

Adam Ebbin
Member, House of Delegates

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bag Tax Proposed by Arlington Village State Rep

Your thoughts? This blogger is against the tax. It hits the poor the hardest and means more of our hard earned money goes to the government.

Ebbin to propose statewide ‘bag tax’
By Austin Danforth

While the District adjusts to its recently enacted 5-cent tax on shopping bags, state representatives in Maryland and Virginia are finalizing drafts of similar bills for the start of the 2010 legislative sessions next week.In Virginia, Adam Ebbin (D-49), one of Alexandria’s three members of the House of Delegates, champions the proposed bill, which calls for a nickel tax on single-use paper and plastic shopping bags at “food, drug, liquor and convenience stores,” he said.“This bill is different [from previous years] because there are incentives for businesses, for folks to collect money from the small fee,” Ebbin said Wednesday. “It’s not a ban, it’s a consumer choice.”

Like the new D.C. law, the tax would benefit environmental cleanup efforts to the tune of either three or four cents per bag, Ebbin said, with businesses keeping one or two cents of the fee “depending upon whether they offer customers a carry-out bag credit program for reusable bags.”

Proceeds from the bag tax across the Potomac go directly to work cleaning up the Anacostia River, but in Virginia the funds from the proposed bill would go to the Virginia Water Quality Improvement Fund, Ebbin said.

Maryland Delegate Alfred Carr (D-18) is introducing the bill there and said Wednesday that he’s “in solidarity with Delegate Ebbin” because “environmental problems like this transcend political boundaries and it’s important that we work together as a region to address them.”

“The pollution from plastic bags in the streams and waterways is the fourth-most prevalent form of pollution behind cigarettes, food wrappers and plastic beverage bottles,” Ebbin said.

Former Alexandria City Council member Tim Lovain, a proponent of bag regulation while behind the dais, said he became focused on the issue after hearing from members of the Cousteau Society who informed him of the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” located in the heart of the planet’s biggest ocean.

“I really appreciate Delegate Ebbin’s enthusiasm on this and his innovative ideas,” Lovain said, “especially, if you can say the money from the fees are going to a certain environmental purpose like that, it makes it a little easier for people to accept.”

Mentioning the willingness of businesses like IKEA and Whole Foods in reducing disposable bag usage, Lovain said, “It’s not like the merchants are all dead-set against it. There’s some resistance, but it’s certainly a trend that’s happening around the country.”

Additionally, Ebbin said, the five-cent fee on paper and plastic carry-out bags would likely save taxpayers’ money in cleanup efforts — the measure has a history of greatly reducing bag usage — as well as cut costs for retailers when it comes to stocking plastic and paper bags.

In Alexandria, shoppers also agreed that Ebbin’s proposed 5-cent tax would benefit a worthy cause.“I think it’s a good idea for environmental reasons and because of the economy and its effect on business,” said Lee Lynch, an Alexandria resident shopping with her two young sons in Del Ray.

“From a personal perspective it has made me change my mind about getting a bag, like yesterday when I got my lunch,” she said. “But from a family perspective we actually depend on the plastic bags for a variety of things so I’d pay the 5 cents. It wouldn’t bother me at all.”

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Twisted Vines - Wine Bar and Bottle Shop

Anyone else notice the new Bistro/wine shop, Twisted Vines, at the corner of Walter Reed and Columbia Pike? The blogger is very excited about the new businesses coming into the area. And purchasing a nice bottle of wine is never a bad thing close to home.

For those of you who love wine, this could be a place to go. The website is terrific -

It looks like you can purchase wines and sample wines with various cheese & other tasty items. The shop/Bristro opened in December.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Crime in Northern Virginia

There was a comment in the previous post regarding a murder in Northern Virginia. According to the report sent out by Captain Nuneville of the Arlington Police Department here are the details that are being released. It is my understanding this is near Liberty Tavern in Clarendon and that Mr. Diener was stabbed to death. Scary stuff.

HOMICIDE 12/29/09, 3200 block of N. 13th Street. On December 29 at 2:50 am, a deceased male was found in the street suffering from upper body trauma. The victim was identified at Carl Diener, 57, of Arlington. There are no known suspects.

The Washington Post recently wrote that violent crime in the DC area is down. Still does not hurt for us all to be cautious. If you are interested in receiving Captain Nuneville's updates email the Captain at