Monday, July 14, 2008

Got Weeds?

Ok...sorry that I have not updated the blog since Saturday. I have caught the dreaded summer cold. Yes...the infamous summer cold that attacks when you least expect it. However, the cold has made me spend extra quality time around Arlington Village when I'm normally at work. This gave me a new perspective of the Village and its workings during the typical day.

First thing I noticed was how many weeds were around. Yes...outside of my unit there are 3 foot high weeds. There are weeds in the sidewalk, in the flower beds, next to the hedges at the beginning of my sidewalk, weeds pretty much as far as the eye can see. I sure hope that those weeds don't kill any of the plants that the Village likes to buy. That would be ironic...hahaha. Alas, we (Arlington Village) do pay landscapers to "weed" and do other prune on a regular basis.

However, this leads me to another observation that a lot of people need their bushes pruned. I know people that do it themselves because it is never done by the Village. I personally will never prune my own hedges...I pay good money for that and I will let it accumulate and one day it will be done!!!

I do from time to time share my concerns and observations with my neighbors. Sometimes they even agree with me. The "weed" incident is one trumpeted by some who live by me. They have even seen our so-called "Weed Killers" mull around outside...chatting for over half and hour on the sidewalk...killing time instead of our weeds. Grrrr. I've actually seen six people outside but only TWO working...the other four were chatting.

Don't even get me started about the landscapers destroying hoses and weed whacking flowers.

What really gets me is that the RFP for a landscaping company will go out this year...and we will end up with the same people we have now. Somehow the same company always comes in with the lowest bid? Hmmm...sounds suspect.

Sorry for the rambling...I blame it on the sudafed.


Anonymous said...

What an excellent post! I AGREE! Insufficient groundskeeping....can someone tell me why condo fees NEED to go up? Just asking!

Mrs. Bannana-head said...

It will be quite a while before someone can tell you why condo fees NEED to go up.

Anonymous said...

The lowest bid with get you nothing you want but the lawn cut.

Anonymous said...


The highest bid will get me what I want?

Why don't you SAY what you want and let people bid on getting it done?

Anonymous said...

pretty sad state when you see this - All comments must be approved by the blog author.

I think this blog is a waste of time if you can't post what you want and have to egt things approved.

whats the deal here moderator.

Anonymous said...

your kidding me right? so the moderator posts what ever they want and then the residents can't?

Give me a freaken blog, oh wait a minute you have with this blog group.