Monday, July 7, 2008

Hooray for the Village Crier

I just wanted to congratulate the Crier for getting out on time this month! I also saw a correction printed about the water and sewer prices. Excellent job!!!

However, I was not too keen on the Security Assessment. There was no mention in the article about past incidents involving residents or even the car theft from a few weeks ago. Residents need to remember that we live in an urban matter how village-esque our 6 or 7 block area is...

Also, from what I've heard about the security walk-through there needs to be a lot of bushes and trees cut back to properly provide lighted walkways at night as well as not to hide predators (at any time of day).

I was also told that the male officer, on the walk, said he would not feel comfortable walking in the ravine during the day! Yikes! I'd like to know what else will be done to make the ravine safer.


Anonymous said...

Fear not, dear Arlington Village Owner/blogger.

Someone will sponsor a "Green Living/Invasive Plant" seminar while eating $130 worth of pizza. Of course, they'll have to spend their own money on booze (which doesn't seem fair, now does it?).

If you're concerned about all the BTUs put out at that little soire, there'll be a new $11,000 generator to keep them cool if the power goes out.

Now, what was your question?

The meaning of the sentence, "Move that the Board adopt the Board Liaisons to Committee Memorandum?"

Find out at the Luau (!?)

Anonymous said...

There was a car theft??? That would have been nice to know!