Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saturday Hours for AV Office

Yes, I've said it out loud...does anyone think that the AV office hours are a little out of whack? How great would it be to have someone in the office on Saturdays? Even if the hours were just 9AM to 1 much more convenient would that be?

Or...what if someone took an early shift and the other person in the office took a later shift during the work week? Perhaps a 7AM to 4PM slot and a 9AM to 6PM slot?

I think those kind of hours would be greatly appreciated by the residents and make Arlington Village run a lot more smoothly. Anybody have problems with the office and think this would help?


Anonymous said...

I agree! It's hard sometimes to go by the office during normal business hours. Given our increases in condo fees over the last few years I think the association should consider this option. Close early on a Wednesday or something.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree for both Saturday and a evening or two per week makes lots of sense. Perhaps a pilot program this fall?