Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pike Business of the Week - Journey Yoga

Well we started our business of the week with the tried and true Bob and Edith's Diner last let's go with a healthy alternative and a brand new business this week...Journey Yoga. Yes, we now have our own yoga studio on Columbia Pike.

Not only do they have classes for all ages...they have a green studio! Click here to see all the ways they are trying to save the Earth.

If you've tried out this studio...please let us know your thoughts!

Journey Yoga
2628 Columbia Pike


Anonymous said...

Well then, he shouldn't go there - what with all those inert gases. He should take a real journey and go here:

It's a yoga company using the finest of the noble gases!

Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Journey is way too expensive. They must think this is North Arlington.

Deb said...

I have gone to Journey Yoga quite a bit, and I love it. It is a small place, just one room, but the schedule has a good mix of classes and the quality of the teachers is really high. I do find it frustrating sometimes that the one studio room means that there is only one class at a given time, but the convenience (I can walk there) combined with the great teachers easily overcomes that minor complaint for me.

Someone mentioned the price of classes as being too high for the area - the truth is that it is hard to find discount yoga classes outside of a gym or community center. Journey Yoga is about the same price as the majority of studios in any major metro area. I paid the same amount when I lived in Denver, for instance.

Journey Yoga is a great studio, and I would highly recommend it to anyone, whether they're just starting out or have been doing yoga for years. I also really appreciate that Sarah gives back to the community with food drives and similar things like that.

Anonymous said...

Finally a yoga sanctuary in south Arlington that is truly community minded! It's a lovely studio, small, intimate, and you get lots of attention from the teachers -- everyone smiles at this place! Some of you out there seem to think it's pricey, but really, just look around: most studios with any decent reputation in this area are on the same price scale of a dropin for $18-20; and at JOURNEY if you buy a class pass of 5,10,or 20 classes it's more reasonable. Besides, you want quality, you pay for quality... and I've never been let down at JOURNEY. The teacher quality is great; they know what they're doing. And the attitude of the place is what I want for my practice: yoga is fun at JOURNEY and is taught as a life-long practice that goes well beyond the physical challenges. Bottom line: there's real substance in this place. So try it! I don't think you'll be disappointed.