Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our local Safeway is finally being converted...

Yes...the Washington Post (July 3) announced last week that Arlington County has finally decided on the fate of our long lost Safeway grocery store.

To quote part of the story, "Revitalizing the two-acre site that included the supermarket and its parking lot has long been a priority for county officials, who for several years have worked to slowly remake the strip-mall-dotted drag into a walkable "urban village." The development plan passed at last week's County Board meeting calls for a 159-unit residential building on the northern end of the site and a six-story addition on the southern piece, toward Columbia Pike, that will house the 40,000-square-foot community center, retail shops and 33 additional residential units. The complex also will have a public courtyard and underground parking."

To see entire article go to: Community Center and Housing Approved for Pike Site

I think it is great that this is finally happening...however I just read a really interesting article about crime in The Atlantic Monthly. I reference this article since there will be low-income housing included in this project. The article is thought provoking and definitely food for thought....especially since crime has been a problem lately in the Village.


Anonymous said...

"The site, between South Dinwiddie Street and Arlington Mill Drive, was purchased by the county in 1996 and has since been used as an alternative public high school and community center."

I think that's the old Safeway up past George Mason Drive; not that I want to dig up that old Bob Peck discussion again.

Anonymous said...

I get it. Safeway, food for thought. Clever.

Arlington Village Owner said...

Ummmm...I guess my vacation has left me a little directionally challenged.