Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Arlington Village Website

Has anyone noticed that this thing (a.k.a. website) is not up-to-date? There is still information about pool passes being due on May 15th? Wasn't that almost 2 months ago? Also, if you look at UPCOMING EVENTS, it still has the summer 2007 schedule.

I keep seeing that they want people to volunteer and do things for Arlington Village...but if you lose your paper version of the Village are out of luck! There is no way to know what time the committee meetings are at or if the Village is doing a special project like the invasive plant removal coming up.

Does anyone have web experience and can help them out? Please offer your services so we can make it out of the dark ages. Either that or get Arlington Village to hire a local college kid to update it monthly on the cheap.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they should have the college kid come in and give a seminar on Condo association management instead of the going green seminar with pizza?

Bureaucrats will always get tripped up in their own bureaucracy. Clearly fewer people read newspapers than read the rules. From the website rules page:

RECYCLING: Arlington Village has a mandatory recycling program. You can place all items that need to be recycled into the same can, except newspapers, which should be placed in trash cans marked "newspapers only."

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that there has been a recent movement to cease production of the paper Crier, but a small, but influential, faction of the board has blocked this cost saving measure becuase not everyone has e-mail (who doesn't have e-mail?) and not everyone wants "another e-mail." Come on! We are dealt increased condo fees each year, but no serious efforts to cut costs are made.

Recycler said...

If people want a paper Crier instead of electric...then you can have a sign-up. There are always going to be people that want to waste a few pieces of paper and not look at it online. I'm sure these same people that want a paper Crier would also think that $40,000 a year for printing that thing is WAY too much. I'm sure people don't realize the costs involved.

Anonymous said...

Pray, tell, oh recycler! Why DOES it cost $40,000 per annum to print 600 newsletters 12 times per year?

Do you realize the costs?

And what's the cost of recycling?

Arlington Village Owner said...

I just want to say according to the Village 2007 Budget...the Crier costs more around $8,000...not $40,000.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the technically challenged management and/or board, I tried to sign up once for the AV email "blast" mentioned in the newsletter many times (is that a listserv??), and nothing ever came of it. So, does AV even have a listserv?