Sunday, June 29, 2008

YES, I have been slacking this weekend...

It is true...the poster from yesterday is right...if I am enjoying myself than how will my Arlington Village residents get their fill of what is happening around our little spot of heaven?

Speaking of the was crowded. But, that is a money maker for AV. So do we stop giving guest passes or do we suck it up and put our towel on the nearby grass/mulch? Sucking it up means less higher condo fees...what is your verdict????


Anonymous said...

Let's charge more and decrease condo fees!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the other "anonymous" doesn't spend much time at the pool. Nor do I, of course; but I do like that the pool is available to those who wish to spend time there.

The process of getting pool pass, however,is most annoying. Didn't used to be that way. It seems as though the "pool board" is trying to keep people away - delivering by hand a notice to tell people to go and print a form, fill it out, and deliver it back by hand.

But that is not what I'm commenting on...

There was a very interesting post - now on the "prior posts" page - following up on the most recent Board meeting.

According to the poster (poster? He who posts?)there are some on the Board who want to raise condo fees each year regardless of necessity. One gets the feeling that, for some people, condo fees are little more than a means to punish residents.