Monday, June 30, 2008

Guest Blogger

As you know there was a guest blogger yesterday, NASCAR20. YOU too can be a guest blogger but I would prefer to have someone that chimes in to the blog on a regular basis.

NASCAR20 ASKED SOME GOOD QUESTIONS YESTERDAY, what color can we paint our decks… can we plant a tomato?

I think we should be able to paint our decks any natural wood color or white if we want. The association is supposed to make sure our prices stay high not to be Nazis about a tomato plant.

Do you think plants should be pulled out if the owner does not have permission?


Anonymous said...

The association is supposed to make sure our prices stay high?

Am I missing something?

Arlington Village Owner said...

What I meant of the reasons to have a condo association is to keep property values up...they police the condos so you do not end up living next to the guy who does not cut his grass!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Sounds more Ethan Allen than Patrick Henry - esque.

In any case, a most Happy Fourth of July to the blogger, guest bloggers, and Arlington Village residents all.

Anonymous said...

Re the entries on the recent Board meeting-- It's easy to paint the Board/staff as the enemy -- it's not always true. Owners ask AV to pay for damage, etc., that the owner is responsible for on a regular basis. In some cases, the owner was explicitly warned about the problem by AV staff and ignored the warning until the damage was obvious. Those owners are unlikely to mention these facts when drumming up support for position that money should be coming their way. Do YOU want your condo fees paying for problems that are other owners' responsibilities? If so, I would like to get new towels for my bathroom -- would you chip in?

Anonymous said...

Dogs in the Village: the "keep off the garden" signs may look funny to you, but it's a shame there is a need for them at all. The gardens they protect add infinitely more to the Village in terms of beauty, atmosphere, and property value than the damage dogs inflict if they are handled irresponsibly. If you own a dog you need to be mature enough to make sure that the dog doesn't harm the interests of others -- and you don't get to define those interests to suit your convenience and label anybody who expects more as crazy. As to a dog rum, there are TWO of them within a half-mile. Check the County website! I don't suppose you are volunteering the area right around your unit for the off-leash area.