Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Board Meeting TONIGHT!

Yes, it is time for our monthly Board Meeting this evening at 7:30 PM. Please send me an email and let me know what is discussed. I'm indisposed tonight...but will definitely catch the next one.

I wish they would send out the agenda for the Board Meetings on the AV Blast...or even put them up in those little boxes near the garbage cans. Maybe it would rev up participation by residents in the meetings? The last minutes I saw...it was a pretty meager crowd of 1 observer. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

I do hope someone emails that which is discussed at the Board Meeting to our dearest Arlington Village Owner cum Blogger. I've learned more from this forum than I have from (many) years of Village Criers.

As for myself, I'm still pondering the pod payments, police predicaments, and parking perplexities.

Yikes is right. Keep up the good work.

AV Resident said...

Hmmm...sounds like I missed a good meeting. I will try and do some digging on what happened.

Also, thanks for liking the information being provided. I think this forum is good for Arlington Village because the residents are so busy.

With this blog...you can just go online any time...look and see what's happening...comment online...or even call the AV office for more info.

Plus...I hope if people see something that they disagree with...they will pipe up! I started this for discussion not just to have people hear my opinion!

Anonymous said...

I actually attended the board meeting the other night for the first time as an observer and owner in the village. I was actually disappointed. The board was very disorganized. They only gave 5 mins to a woman who had an issue with her unit but ended up talking about silly things for much longer than needed.

I also thought the Board was rather rude to the resident who came to the forum. 1) The resident pays condo fees and obviously was concerned about an issue (which I hope doesn't happen in my unit). 2) They didn't even give her time to state her case or address all her issues.

Rudeness from the board is completely inappropriate. It appeared to me that the President actually didn't like the Resident thus cutting her off when other board members wanted to here her concerns. The President should of abstained from voting on the issue.

I hope that more residents do get involved and run for the board. It seems like a great way to bring in some much needed new ideas.

Additionally, someone on the board said that our condo fees should go up every year. I'm sorry - what? Why? Explain your argument. Condo fees should not go up for the sake of going up.

Anyway, volunteer and run for the board people. I think it would be good for our community.