Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I hope everyone realizes I was trying to type what cars sound like with the whole vroom vroom title? :) That's what I think of when I see cars racing up and down S. Barton Street and other straight-aways in the village. This was very apparent today when I stopped by a friend's unit and tried to leave one of the Arlington Village lots. First of all, I couldn't even see cars coming at me from the left...I crept out into the street praying that I wouldn't be crushed. This is very dangerous...the spot adjacent to the entry should be eliminated...I know that isn't going to win me any applause from the people that park there...but just try to go in and out of the lot. You'll see what I mean for yourselves!

A few years ago someone actually was going so fast on S. Cleveland that they couldn't negotiate a right or left turn and crashed straight into a car. If it wasn't for the car...I'm sure it would have gone straight into one of the units.

Now S. Cleveland has speed bumps...but what about the rest of the Village? Do people think this is a big problem...or are they ok with how fast people go? Maybe I'm a fuddy duddy and should just be quiet?

I also question some of the surrounding streets to the Village as well. I always get nervous at the streets that only have stop signs on the cross streets. Maybe we should have some more 4 way stops?

I think we really need to start thinking about some of these issues since so much construction is happening. It is always better to give input at the beginning of a situation rather than the end.

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Anonymous said...

I actually think Barton Street is a pretty scary place. I walk my dog and often want to cross the road. People fly down the street and you can't see when they come up the hill. I have also almost been hit on more than one occasion trying to pull out on Barton. I hope that this is something the village is looking into.