Thursday, June 19, 2008

DOGS, DOGS, and more DOGS!

Has anyone noticed that the residents of Arlington Village are very partial to dogs? They are everywhere...all the time. I like dogs. The gardeners don't like dogs. I always laugh to myself when I see the signs that say, "please don't curb your dog here". Someone actually spent money on those signs and took the time to make sure they are very visible.

I wonder why we don't have our own dog park for all the dogs. We have a dog swim but no park. The gardeners might benefit from a dog park. Maybe the reason we don't have a dog park is because the Board is afraid of the dog owners uniting against the gardeners that don't like the dogs? Perhaps they also don't want more dogs off leashes. If I see in the Crier one more time about how to keep your dog on a leash...I'll bark! Everyone knows that some dogs need to be leashed and some don't. If your dog jumps on people or eats small animals...keep them leashed.

That's really all I have to bark about today.

1 comment:

Beagle218 said...

I think a dog park is a great idea! Keep up the good work. How can we can get Arl. Village to look at doing this?