Tuesday, June 17, 2008

13th Road Clogged Drains...Wasting Money?

I just want to say thank you to the first resident that posted a comment on the NEW ARLINGTON VILLAGE BLOG! Please pass this site on to your neighbors so that everyone can hear what’s happening at Arlington Village. I’m not sure when the next communications meeting is…but this would be a great meeting to attend if you are a concerned resident and want to see something happen.

Next, so going back to The Village Crier…because this is where we get most of our Arlington Village info…what’s up with residents having to clear away the drains on 13th Road??? Didn’t this area just get a complete makeover? Didn’t the Village just spend a lot of money to do this? I think it was tens of thousands of dollars…if not more.

I know that I would be really angry if I got water damage because the Village failed to do this project properly. Is anyone going to do anything to fix the problem? I know that there are plans to update other areas in a similar fashion. Will the clogged drain problem be addressed there at least? I have a thousand other questions about this blurb in the Crier (Page 2, June Edition)…however I’m going to either have to go to the next Grounds Committee meeting on July 8th or ask one of the Committee members for their 2 cents. Maybe someone out there can help with this subject???

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