Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Columbia Pike…Revitalized?

I keep hoping that all of this construction on Columbia Pike will be worth it. That we will have this fabulous oasis of shopping and trolley cars and turn into the next Clarendon/Courthouse area. However, is this not dragging on? Does anyone else miss the beloved Cowboy Café? Is anyone worried that they are going to take away our CVS and Giant while they are being rebuilt?

I guess change takes time…but I’m impatient for all the things that have been promised.

I already love the fact that the Pike offers the Farmer’s Market and can’t wait to see how the Blues Festival works out this Saturday. We have some great restaurants like Bangkok 54 as well as staple businesses like the Arlington Draft House and Bob and Edith’s.

Those are some of my favorite parts of the Pike…what are yours?

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