Friday, June 20, 2008

Rising Water Prices = Rising Condo Fees?

I received a question about the rising water fees in Arlington County…it is true…they instituted a 14.5% increase in water and sewer rates…effective May 1, 2008. So according to our lovely newsletter…that means our rate will jump from $9.20 to $10.54 a gallon. WOW!

I have to say that this is a serious issue…however…residents are still being asked to water all the new plants for 30 to 40 minutes (2 to 3 times weekly). Isn’t that just asking for your condo fees to go up? I love all the plants and trees…but I also have a budget. I’m assuming other people do as well…

If you want to delve further go to Arlington Village to see how much CONDO FEES have gone up in the last 4 years! For the smallest one bedroom in 2004…condo fees were $144…in 2008 they are $203. That’s a difference of $708 per year! For a three bedroom that increase per year goes up to $1,212.

Make sure to keep watching the Crier about budgeting for next year. The Assets Committee is starting to craft the FY09 Budget and needs volunteers. Contact the office if you want to know where all your money is going to…who knows how much they will want to raise fees next year???


Anonymous said...

Kudos to this blog, as well to the blogger.

I saw that newsletter article pointing out the water rates increasing to over $10.00 per gallon. Now, I don't know if Arlington Village Condo Assoc. is paying that rate or not, but I'll sell them all the water they want for $5 per gallon.

A savings of over $5.50 a gallon!!

Heck, I'll sell them gasoline for $5.00 per gallon, too. Just to keep all those little sports carts zipping around on the sidewalks.

Don't let the president in on my secret, though, from the Arlington County page:

Water/Sewer/Refuse Rates and Billing Schedule:

Read some Water Sewer Rate Frequently Asked Questions.

* The current water rate is $3.35 per 1,000 gallons of metered water consumption (effective 5/1/2008)
* The current sewer rate is $7.19 per 1,000 gallons and is based on the metered water consumption (effective 5/1/2008)
* The current refuse rate (residential accounts only) is $73.95 quarterly or $295.80 annually (effective 7/1/2007).
* On the first bill, the refuse amount will be pro-rated since the charge is billed quarterly, in advance.
* Residential and apartment customers are billed for utilities on a quarterly basis.
* Commercial accounts are billed on a monthly basis.

Anonymous said...

Condo fees for a one bedroom have increased over 44% since 2004 according to the chart. How much have A.V. administrative costs (salaries) risen since 2004?

Just curious.

Eric said...

Great new blog! I've linked to it at and will have a post up next week telling people about this new resource.

banana head said...

lets have fun and keep it real,and ill pump water from the lake for $6 a gal .....

Arlington Village Owner said...

Let's just say that employees were given a generous cost of living raise PLUS bonuses. I can't seem to find my copy of the budget at the moment...but it is all in there. So if you don't believe can look it up yourself.

I have mixed feelings about this since I have seen AV staff in action and it is not impressive by my standards.

Anonymous said...

I'd like a bonus and a cost living raise in the form of a lower condo fee. I'm not very impressive, either; maybe less so.

But I DO think this blog is a great idea.

nascar20 said...

As opposed to raising our condo fees again this year to cover the cost of raising water prices the board needs to take a hard look at cutting back on some items. $50,000 worth of new plants seems like a place to start. The village is beautiful - give it a year and see how the new plants from last year are doing. We may need to consider some drought resistent alternatives. I know some neighbors have complained they had plants die that were planted by the village. Hmmm...I think we should step back and assess and cut some costs!

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