Sunday, June 29, 2008

Decks in The Village?

I am not sure if you all have noticed, but the rules for Arlington Village indicate two things: 1) no vegetable gardens and 2) decks must not be stained but maintain their natural color. Who is enforcing these rules? Or are they outdated? At the last board meeting (the first I have attended as a resident) one of the board members mentioned updating the rules. I agree! Perhaps it's time we all take a look at the rules of Arlington Village and be part of the discussion to update them. I don't know about you but it pretty intrusive for a condo association to tell me what I can and cannot plant in the space by my deck or what color my deck should be...but hey, that's just my personal libertarian opinion coming out. What do you think??


Anonymous said...

I think the veg garden rule is to prevent "some" from acquiring "common areas" for their own personal use. And we must remember that many people have no common sense.

Which leads us to the next point: you might like a rainbow-painted deck, but it's actually your neighbors who have to look at it all the time.

Although you may own the deck itself, I think everybody owns the space it occupies. And that's why they had to come up with rules to begin with.

Libertarian, huh? If only others were as considerate as you.

Anonymous said...

You sound like you live in Stalin's backyard - not a place in America where we can make decisions for ourselves and not for the "common good."

Anonymous said...

HA! Stalin's back yard. A good one.

The only problem is that the owner of Stalin's back yard is... well, Stalin. The owner of Arl. Village Condo backyards is Arl. Village Condo Association. Of course, no one is preventing you from buying Stalin's back yard and doing with it what you want.