Friday, June 27, 2008

Miniature Golf in Ballston???

I have to admit...I was reading the What's Up Arlington Blog (see link to the right) and saw a short blurb about Putt Putt golf. I think this is a really interesting idea. I'm always looking for something different to do that isn't necessarily an indoor activity.

Check out the story in the Sun Gazette for more information.

They have to do something with that space at the corner of Glebe and Wilson now that the car dealership has been evaporated. What do you think should go there?


Michael said...

For the Glebe/Wilson "Bob Peck" property, the County Board has already approved a redevelopment project.

The Green Miles said...

That's not the spot they're talking about. It's the currently-barren patch of land at Glebe and Randolph next to the Ballston Common Mall parking garage and across from the Harris Teeter and Mercedes dealership.

Michael said...

I think we're talking about two places in the same post. There's the empty space next to the Ballston Common Parking garage, which is currently slated for the mini-golf course.

Then there's the "space at the corner of Glebe and Wilson" where there used to be a car dealership. I think that's the old Bob Peck site which has already had a redevelopment approved. The only other undeveloped corner at Glebe/Wilson is the Mazda dealership on the SW side.

For my opinion, what should go there is more Ballston with a view toward tapering off the density since it's more remote to the Metro than the core. Also, pedestrian traffic is going to be lower, so first floor retail will be less desirable. Probably office on the Wilson/Glebe frontage, with residential condos or townhomes in the back.

Is there much development in Arlington that's four-story buildings with each residence having two floors? I guess the lofts at Crystal City/Pentagon City are like that?

Arlington Village Owner said...

Ohhh...thank you michael and green miles for the clarification. I thought it was just the old Bob Peck site. If you hear anything else please let me know. I think it is very important to know what kind of development is happening around us.

bobArlington said...

When I first moved to Arlington, Putt Putt golf was probably in its last year, across the street from Bob Peck. Now the putt putt is long gone, and they want to put a new one in one block away. And there is a putt putt a mile away at seven corners. Humm (its like closing down the sears in Clarendon, only to open a new Sears at seven corners??). And during the frigid winter, you know when it is 65 degrees, who is gonna want to go outside and play? Hey!! I have an idea, let's turn that area into a club house for the Arlington Youth Hockey Club -- to go with the Arlington tax payer financed Ice Rink --- which has no hockey club for arlington youth!