Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Question: Mold in AV Bathrooms?

This was posted yesterday by Jackie. The blog loves suggestions so email if you have any other ideas. Thanks Jackie for the post!

"Does anyone have a good solution to eliminate mold from building up in the bathroom. I dont have a fan in my bathroom, and dont know if we
are able to install one. I have painted my bathroom in a sealant, hoping that the mold would not accumulate but it has. I even keep the door open with the fan on
when I shower so the fan in the hallway hopefully keeps the air flowing. But nothing that I have tried has seemed to work. Does anyone have any suggestion or tips that might be helpful?"


Anonymous said...

Permawhite paint - I had mold all the time until I repainted with this awesome stuff.

Mike said...

Permawhite is great, but the only way I have fond to really reduce and eliminate mold is to clean away the mildew once a week. It can be tedious, but I inspect every part of the bathroom and see if there is any new build up. I have not had a problem since becoming thorough.

Anonymous said...

Crack your window and hit the walls with clorox before you leave for the day.

Arlington Village Owner said...

Please don't comment on parking issues on this post (that's why it was deleted). There are other posts with threads on this subject. Plus, if you don't like what your neighbors are doing...perhaps knock on their door and talk to them. This is Arlington "Village". Don't you get more bees with honey than vinegar?

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to know if you can install a fan in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Yes, fans can and have been installed in bathrooms. If you walk around the Village and look closely you can see the vent on the exterior of the bathroom wall of some units.

Probably the Greenfield construction folks can do this. I do not think it would be very expensive.

Anonymous said...

I'll field this one for you, dear blogger.

To the vinegar lady:

1) Wrong.

2) It doesn't seem you have any sense, so I'd bet against it.

I stayed out of the "chairs in the street" debate. But seeing your post as a response to Jackie's makes me want to go over to Jackie's and help with the mold.

As for the honey/vinegar, try this:

Anonymous said...

I deleted my comments because they were rude and insensitive.