Tuesday, February 23, 2010

AV Blast from the GREEN TEAM...@ this Thursday

Keep the Heat Inside: Improving Energy Efficiency in our Homes.
A talk with Architekt David Peabody AIA, LEED

The Environmental Resources Committee invites you to a talk with architect David Peabody a long time specialist in energy efficient building.

What is the overall state of our buildings with regards to energy efficiency today?
What improvements are recommendable on the short, medium and long run?
How much of a difference can new insulation under our concrete slabs make? How much of a benefit does changing windows bring?
What would any decision entail in terms of material and financial planning?
How would any investment of this kind impact our property values?
David Peabody visited our Village several times. He interviewed with our staff and took a closer look on our buildings.

Village-Talk aims to open an informed dialog within our community on what can be done to improve and update our common and individual properties under a realistic longer term strategy.

Snacks, tea and refreshments will be offered.

The event’s materials, literature and presentations will be made available to all participants.

When: Thursday, Feb 25th 2010, 7pm - Doors open at 6:45pm
Where: AV Community Room


Anonymous said...

The Environmental Committee has one of the best websites -- that's the type of website AV should adopt...their format and content is excellent, not dry and dull like my personality....

Check out the pictures they took during the Blizzard of 2010...

And, no I'm not a member of the Green Team.


Jackie said...

Hello, I am an arlington village homeowner & a frequent reader of the blog. I wasnt sure how to reach out to the blog owener to propose a topic that people could comment on - so sorry for the random response to the latest topic and sorry if you dont take requests (feel free to delete). I would love some feedback with a bathroom issue I have for the last couple years:

Does anyone have a good solution to eliminate mold from building up in the bathroom. I dont have a fan in my bathroom, and dont know if we
are able to install one. I have painted my bathroom in a sealant, hoping that the mold would not accumulate but it has. I even keep the door open with the fan on
when I shower so the fan in the hallway hopefully keeps the air flowing. But nothing that I have tried has seemed to work. Does anyone have any suggestion or tips that might be helpful?

If you dont take requests, thats ok, I will just continue on my search for a practical solution. Thanks for making the blog I find it very useful as an AV resident.

Jackie - Feel free to delete this if there is a better place for it or no place at all : )

Anonymous said...

Open your bathroom window. Just a crack. And, before you leave in the morning, spray down the area with clorox. That's a common problem in the village. You just have to keep up with it. Good luck.