Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How was your snow day???

Or maybe you didn't have one yesterday? I think that snow removal went much better yesterday than the last time it snowed. My walk and steps were free of snow and ice. It was great. Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I just wish they would stop using sand on ice patches in front of our units. Just gets tracked into the house.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they could continue to use sand to prevent slipping on ice, but then they could come over and remind you to wipe your feet before going into the house?

Cupcake said...

Cupcake has the perfect solution. Be sure to click on the Cupcake to see what's inside today.

Zak said...

Have you tried to walk where they don't put the sand? If you live in an interior couryard unit where you have to walk a long distance, you will soon appreciate the extra traction of the sand!

Kaye said...

Fantastic! We had a snowball fight and build a massive snowman!

We took the dog out and he kept trying to eat out snowballs. Haha.

Great day!

What did u do?