Thursday, March 12, 2009

Environmental Resources Committee Meeting Tonight!

Starts at 7 PM in the AV Offices. If you are interested in rain barrels or the ravine this is the place to be.


FEMF8LE said...

The Arlington County Board is expected to approve a $3 million appropriation to do environmental planning and preliminary design for the Columbia Pike Streetcar.

The line, which would run from Pentagon City Metro station to the Skyline development in Bailey’s Crossroads, is expected to cost approximately $120 million, with the costs shared on an 80-20 split between Arlington and Fairfax counties.

Arlington County transportation staffers said about $1 million of the planning money should be reimbursed by state transportation funding, but all $3 million would come initially from the transportation-dedicated commercial real estate tax of 12.5 cents per $100 in valuation.

The electric streetcar could carry twice as many passengers as a bus, and would travel in the same lane as cars.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority would also share the cost of the study, with a $148,000 contribution. Fairfax’s share for this initial phase is expected to be $912,000.

The study will refine the stop locations -- currently planned every third of a mile -- and will more accurately estimate construction costs. It is also expected to identify funding sources.

County planners hope that a light rail line will be a catalyst for redevelopment of Columbia Pike. New mixed-use buildings, with luxury apartments over restaurants and retail, are already going up along the south Arlington road.

Anonymous said...

This is like watching geriatric abuse...

Artificially inflate property values to increase taxes to run "public" electric street cars, to increase the costs of generating electricity, to increase property values, to increase taxes, increase commuting costs, and increase electricity costs for your increasingly over-taxed and overvalued home.