Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Unwanted Examiners on your Porch? It's an epidemic!

This issue was brought up at last month's board meeting. It seems that the Examiner is being dropped off on doorsteps even though the residents don't have a subscription. We have other neighbors in the 22204 area that are also dealing with this annoyance. Perhaps this note below from the 22204 Listserve can help some Arlington Village residents.

I'll gladly gather a list of addresses per Capt. Nuneville's
suggestion. Anybody who doesn't want the DC Examiner is invited to sign my online petition at:


Name, email, and address are required--this information will NOT be displayed online and will NOT be available to the general public. I will accept signatures from anyone in the region but will forward only 22204 addresses to Capt. Nuneville.

Please share this info with anyone else you know who is sick and tired of getting the Examiner. If you know somebody who doesn't want the Examiner and is unable to sign the petition online, please let them know they contact me by phone to be included.

Maria Lauron


Anonymous said...

There also seems to be an epidemic of political signs in resident's flower beds. I thought the display of these in any place other than in a window was prohibited by AV by-laws?

Anonymous said...

As with any AV rules, you never know which ones will be enforced.

Anonymous said...

Quick! people are getting newspapers! Call the police!


Anonymous said...

I think the last post was funny. However, it is tiresome to pick up newspapers that are being littered on your doorstep.

Anonymous said...

I picked up the one in front of my house and read it. Maybe a little tired, now, but much more informed than I was before I did.

For instance, by page two I was informed of the telephone number for the circulation dept.

And by page 41 I understood the science of fall colors.

When the police arrive, I I'll be prepared.

bobArlington said...

The examiners on people's driveways are garbage. They get into the storm drains and pollute our streams and rivers. They are piles of litter in our beautiful neighborhoods. They are a waste of resources in an era concerned with recycling and global warming. People in my neighborhood have tried over and over to get rid of the papers. The County has promised to take action - but never responded to inquiries on what that action is. I recommend the early morning dog walkers gather them all up - put them in someone's car - drive to the editors house and throw them on his law!

Not sure what an AV rule but first amendment protection for political speech will trump just about anything.

Anonymous said...

They were everywhere this morning when I was walking around. I really don't think this is a good way to grow your readership.

Anonymous said...

You want the dog walkers in Arlington Village to steal a car, there, Bob?

Tell you what. You keep from giving your terrific advice on Arlington Village and...

Oh, nevermind.

Thanks, Bob.