Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't forget about the Board Meeting Tonight!

Lots of important issues and plenty of open seating for all. Feel free to bring your notebook and send the blog your observations. Please post your notes to this posting. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

I received a note from the association today that the call for candidates went out. I hope they discuss at tonight's meeting.

Anonymous said...

I'm a new homeowner and just discovered this blog, and the fact that the board meeting was tonight.

Sorry, but a letter in my mailbox today is not enough notice.

Anonymous said...

The letter in mailboxes today was not about the board meeting. It was a call for candidates for next year's board. The board meeting was advertised in the Crier, delivered earlier this month.

But, yes, it is nice to have a reminder about the board meeting, via this blog.

Anonymous said...

I attended the board meeting last night. Looks like there are some really good things coming - the budget is in great shape and the new lighting proposal is a positive one for the village.

Would have been nice to see the meeting kept ontime though and the agenda reviewed in advance for any changes as opposed to making the changes during the meeting.

Arlington Village Owner said...

First off...hello to our new neighbor. Happy that you found the blog and that it can provide information on upcoming meetings and events in the Village. Second, for all new homeowners in the Village you should receive the Village Crier at the beginning of each month. This newsletter has a calendar of events and other items about the Village.

S. Cleveland Street said...

I went to the Board Meeting and these are MY notes. There were actually more people there than usual. It was a nice surprise.

Resident's Forum
-Board was asked to call the County about cleaning up all the dust and debris from the construction project on S. Cleveland Street and 13th Road.

-A man said that he was there to claim his Board seat since he was the next runner up at the last election.

-Reggie Nixon gave update on the broken lightpost that has been removed (near the Walter Reed Center) and is now waiting for sidewalk to be repaired.

Board Starts Special Reports:
-Greg discussed new management companies and gave descriptions of them. Board voted to change management companies to L&N. The turnover will begin January 1st.

-Greg then went over the entire budget. They spoke about extra money for the ravine, money in reserves for underpinnings, how much employees are given for their bonus (one week's salary), added funds for web services, Jan asked about remodeling the meeting room, added funds for garbage truck maintenance. They also said that it doesn't look like there will be an increase in condo fees this year. Board voted to pass the budget and send it to the resident's at the annual meeting.

Facility Manager Report
-Pool drains need to updated to follow Arlington County code.

-3 flood lights need to be replaced.

-13th Road Project Bid came in. Board approved $18, 021 for the project.

That's all I have. I had to leave early. I know in the board packet that it looked like they were going to discuss the deck at unit #746, communications policy (which was brought up months ago and nothing has happened since), and I'm sure the open Board position. Anybody that knows anything else I'd love to hear about it. Especially the guy that came to claim his seat.

Anonymous said...

Hah.... I love it. He came to claim his seat! The concept of runners-up doesn't work with AV. I don't think this is a beauty pageant which has such provisions in the unlikely event Miss America gets blown up in a meth lab.