Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Attention Please Read: Flooding Damage to Storage Area Under Unit 113

Does anyone know more about an incident of flooding that happened on Monday in the storage area under 113? I was e-mailed about it and the sender was also wondering if the bike room or any other basement rooms get flooded in storms?

The description of the situation was as follows, "There was at least an inch of water on the floor and a little more in some areas. Everything that was on the ground was soaked and boxes are soaking up the water. It is also starting to smell like a swamp. I called the management office but I do not think they will do anything or tell anyone about the event."

I think this is very serious. I'm hoping that everyone that has a storage space under 113 has been given notice about the situation.

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Anonymous said...

I rec'd a notice --delivered by hand --yesterday about the possible flooding of my storage unit.

I was grateful for the "heads-up."

(under bld on left side of the parking lot that abuts the tennis court)