Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alert - Car Break-In?

I got a note today that said someone spied a car on 13th Road that looked like it was broken into...basically broken glass all over the street, back window broken out. If this is the case...this happened a few months back in the same location. Please keep valuables out of your cars at night. I'd hate for any AV residents to become a victim of such a crime. Please comment if you know any more about this incident.


Anonymous said...

I just got the AV Blast and you were right, here's some news from the office:

"Please be advised that there where three thefts from vehicles parked in and near Arlington Village, sometime between September 2 2008, in the evening and this morning, Wednesday, September 3, 2008 at 7:00 AM.

One vehicle was parked in the 1301 block of South Cleveland Street, one in the 2700 of South 13th Road. The third vehicle belonged to Commons of Arlington residents and was parked on South 13th Road near the driveway to our management office, A GPS unit, a radio and one XM radio were stolen. The incidents were reported to the Arlington County Police Department."

Kudos to the blogger getting info out to residents before the Village does!!!

lucie13 said...

How does somebody got on this "Blast"? I've heard rumors about this listserv for years.

AV asks for your email address on the pool pass form every year--you think they would use it, or put you on this "Blast" automatically.

Arlington Village Owner said...

You have to ask the office to put you on the AV Blast. The phone number is on the right hand side of the blog where the events are listed.

No comment on the other section of your comment. Hopefully that will change when we change management companies. Cross your fingers the Board will let them take over our website so that residents can update their information by just clicking through a few pages on the internet.