Thursday, August 28, 2008

THIS blog negative????

Ok…so I read the notes from the Board Meeting the other night and it said that a resident thought that the blog was negative? I really don’t understand the negative comment.

THIS blog shares stories about upcoming construction projects, businesses in the area, local ways to help the community, environmental information and some of the problems that Arlington Village is facing.

THIS blog is a conduit for people to discuss and have conversations about issues. If any resident would like to post a story or at least email me and tell me why they don’t like a particular post…go ahead! I would love for people that are on the Board or on the Committees to give updates or even comment on some of the issues. Why wouldn’t they want to share the great things that they do? I would love for even more people to send me stories or ideas for the blog…FYI - I get a couple a week.

I guess the real question is why isn’t the negative accuser posting a response saying that the story/post is negative? Have they really read THIS blog or are they just being told that the blog is negative? Do they believe that a contractor not doing his job in the Village isn’t a problem? Do they think that a resident asking to be on the AV Blast and not getting on after numerous requests isn’t a problem?

Let me repeat, THIS blog is a way for people to communicate since AV isn’t doing a very good job of communicating with residents. A monthly Crier…that doesn’t arrive on time, and many times has mistakes…is not a viable form of communication. A website that isn’t updated and has misinformation…including an events calendar that hasn’t been updated in a year is not a great way of communicating!

Sorry about the rant…but I just hate when people can’t stand up and say what they are thinking. I would never want people to think that this blog is negative. If I wanted a negative blog I would write every day on problems I see in the Village. Believe me…there is more than enough to write about…however I feel that we need to be aware of the problems in Arlington Village and what’s happening in the greater community we live in…especially in this transitional time of rebuilding the Columbia Pike Corridor. Plus we need to be neighborly! What’s wrong with watching out for each other, telling residents of potential problems or letting them know that they are going to turn the CVS into a park?

Hope you are having a great Thursday…the Pike Business of the Week will be posted tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

...What he said.

I haven't noticed this blog's supposed negativity at all. I've read every post and every comment since the beginning, too.

I have noticed that some people have trouble expressing themselves; I've noticed that some people get very defensive when confronted with a question or suggestion; I've noticed that some people show very little interest in Arlington Village compared to the interest they show in themselves; and I've noticed that some people think very highly of themselves.

But I've also learned quite bit from reading this blog. And I find it enjoyable - right down to the monkey posts that seem to disappear with increasing frequency.

I think most could agree that blog is informative - which would be positive, right? (Unless, of course, someone doesn't WANT information to get out.) So I'd say that this blog is quite positive.

And I look forward to someone providing an answer to the question posed in the first sentence of the fourth paragraph of the blogger's rant(?).

And as an aside, I don't actually believe that a "resident" went to a Board meeting to complain that a blog was negative - that would just be stupid.

Oh. Is that negative?

Anonymous said...

I agree. I don't find the blog to be negative at all. I like having a place to go and seeing what's going on in our community. The current Arl Village Website is awful and the board, at present, just doesn't do enough to communicate with residents - good or bad. The only way to improve our community is to discuss the issues and improve on them.

Aren't the board elections coming up? Perhaps we'll get a few residents out there who haven't volunteered before to offer their time and service and continue to improve our community.