Friday, August 8, 2008

July Board Meeting Notes

Here are notes from the Board Meeting...these are just notes...if you want the exact minutes please call the Arlington Village Office. These are not my notes...but came from a resident that was at the meeting. So...if you have questions...I probably won't be able to answer them. However, I did see some of the things that were discussed in these notes...also in the Crier (which was delivered late again).

July 29 Board Notes

-Jan Kennemer requested more spot spraying of weeds. Wants the Grounds Committee to talk about the excess weeds and see if they can come up with solutions.

-Grounds Committee Update: Had successful town hall meeting with Kate about 13th Road Project. About 15 residents were in attendance. Plans are being made to pull out most of the plants between Edgewood and Barton Streets. Then there will regrading and an array of other plants will be planted to compensate for the ones that were torn out.

-Security Committee Update: Pool party was successful. About 60 to 70 residents were in attendance. No report yet from Corporal Matt Owens about walk through of Arlington Village.

-Laundry Rooms: More lighting needed at S. Cleveland Street laundry room.

-Board asked for a document listing security needs for the community from AV staff.

-A letter to the County did not go out as previously requested from AV office. Board not sure why letter pertaining to Walter Reed Center (I believe) did not go out. Board requested this be taken care of immediately.

-Dog Swim Update: About 10 residents came to meeting. There will be vendors at the dog swim. Question also asked should AV need to make sure that all dogs have Arlington County dog license to participate?

-Board Opening – The treasurer will be stepping down from the Board later in the year after elections.

-Old Business: Unit #746 has still not complied with AV requests that their deck is remodeled to comply with AV rules. AV office asked to send certified letter.

-Revised Rules: Some of the Board Members have revised the AV rules. They should be posted soon. There was much discussion on whether decks should be allowed to have different color stains or stay with current rules of clear stain. There will be a comment period for residents before the new rules go into effect.

-AV Resident request 6 month extension to run business out of home. They have already been running the business for 6 months and they plan to ask for extension every 6 months.

-AV office not providing timely reimbursements for Committees. Need to work on getting that done.

-Does AV have a policy on retaining documents?

-Request was made to get Board Packets via email. Was told possible but time consuming.

-Noted that there are not supposed to be any contractors parked in Arlington Village overnight. No “tools of the trade” trucks are allowed.


Anonymous said...

I heard John McKinney was retiring? Any word on that?

Arlington Village Owner said...

I have not heard that...but it would make sense. He's been here for 30 years.

Anonymous said...

I use "the" laundry room in question. Any info on why the board voted against the proposal?


Anonymous said...

The resident across from me IS a contractor. Why can't he park one of his vans here occasionally? They are intermittently doing work on their own residence.