Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Community Role Models Mtg. Tonight!

Just wanted to let you know about this really interesting volunteer group. They are having a monthly meeting tonight at Cap City Brewery in Shirlington at 7PM...

"Community Role Models (CRM) is an active social network of young adults (20s & 30s) dedicated to making a positive difference in Arlington through volunteering, building networks, socializing, and developing leaders. We host monthly volunteer activities, meetups and occasional community forums to engage young adults in civic minded activities here in Arlington."
-County Board Chairman J. Walter Tejada

You can go to this link to RSVP for tonight!

You can go here for more information on this great organization or to What's Up Arlington blog!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Cap City Brewery in Shirlington is great place for a smoke and a beer. I've never seen any "leaders" there, but who knows?

If you can't join County Chairman J. Walter Tejada tonight for a smoke, a beer, and some network building, show your support by putting up a pink flamingo outside your door.

Someone will be in touch. Really.

Anonymous said...

Actually...I believe that they are smoke free now or at least have a part of the restaurant that is smoke free. They actually are talking about volunteer activities tonight...doesn't look like you volunteer much of anything except your meager opinion. Really.

The Green Miles said...

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The Green Miles

Anonymous said...

We need to get back to more serious issues, such as if members of the BOD are appropriately representing our needs.