Thursday, August 7, 2008

No to Security

Just a note about the local walk through that was done with the Security Committee and members of the Arlington Police Department a few months ago...the Board has said that they still have not received an official report on changes that Arlington Village should make in ways of security to our community. The board has requested that AV staff should have a report next month on changes that the officers commented on and other places that might need better security.

I hope all of those things happen considering that one of the officers said the entrance to the ravine on S. Edgewood resembled a "rape hole". Disturbing.

Also it should be known, a resident asked that the infamous laundry room on S. Cleveland Street (where a resident was asked for her underwear) should possibly exchange their metal door with peephole to a door that has a window. This laundry room has steep stairs leading down into the laundry steep that someone could hide in the stairwell and not be seen from the street/sidewalk.

I was told that the door was nixed at the last board meeting since it would cost about $500 between parts and installation. Wow...$500 to possibly save someone from being a victim of another crime or the alternative to spending $13,000 for plants...or the $8,500 to get a new fence. Great priorities.

I also just received notes from the July Board Meeting. Will post tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the Board refused the door? Why would they want something to happen like that again?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not sure it's fair to infer that they WANT something like that to happen again; maybe it's because they don't see how it'll PREVENT it.

Arlington Village Owner said...

I went down to that laundry room to get a better understanding of how the door would prevent it...I believe the idea behind it was so that people inside the laundry room could look out into "the alcove". I'm not sure I can describe is a small stairway that descends into the laundry room. You can't see people in this alcove from the street. If a person could see out...they would know what is on the other side of the door...whereas would be difficult to do so with the peephole. If you have any questions...I suggest you take a look for yourself.