Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Board Meeting Tonight!

Don't forget there is a Board Meeting tonight. It's almost budget season...so feel free to go and ask what's up?


Anonymous said...

Anybody (who reads this blog) go?

S. Cleveland Street said...

I went to the meeting last night until 10:30 PM - here are MY notes - for exact minutes please go listen to the audiotape at the office and/or ask them for their minutes. Nine residents were in the audience.

Resident’s Forum:

-Resident that was sick of litter, unwanted newspapers and flyering. Said that newspapers keep being delivered to 13th Road with no subscription. Noted that flyers promoting blog was litter, was also upset that blog was negative and could impact home values. Was also at meeting to discuss allowing yoga classes in the meeting room.

-Unit #112: Commented on upgrading some of the AV fences.

-Unit #494: Wants people to leash dogs and pick up after them. H Court is very popular with dog owners and she would like a reminder put in the Crier/Website to please be courteous to neighbors.

-Unit #418: Wants reimbursement ($840) for doors that were installed by recommended vendor of Arlington Village. Doors are damaged (installer cut them and voided warranty) and falling apart. Has been having problems for a year and would like resolution to problem as soon as possible. (Discussed under new business)

-Unit#367: Wanted to know when front steps would be prepared. Asked over a month ago to have them fixed and was waiting for an update. Was told by maintenance staff in attendance that they would be finished by next week.

Guest Speaker:
Kellie Brown came in from the CHCA and spoke about the pending street light project that could potentially replace our old streetlights on S. Barton and S. Edgewood Streets. Lights would be on both sides of the street. Board asked for materials that could be given to residents. This project is at the very beginning stages. If there is a road that you’d like to see have these lights instead you need to speak to the Columbia Heights NCAC Rep. Sarah McKinley. Board will look for inputs about the project on September 23rd.

New Business:

Discussion of Unit #418 Problem with Door Installation – Board Members had a lot of questions in regards to this problem. This unit is not the only one that was damaged. Approximately 8 doors have been replaced and 40 more need to be done. The work was done by Greenfield. It also was mentioned that Marisa’s husband, Manuel, works for Greenfield. Marisa was asked if she would like to leave while speaking about this issue. She declined. Homeowner thought it was conflict of interest. (As did I) One Board Member wanted to give reimbursement through Arlington Village since check was made out to Arlington Village. Motion that passed was that AV Management would ask Greenfield to reimburse Unit #418. If that didn’t happen, it will be brought up again at the September Board Meeting.

-Discussed having Yoga in the meeting room

-Facility Manager’s Report
1.Tennis Court Proposals to fix courts
2. Pruning proposal
3. 2 Roof proposals (new roofer to update AV roofs, new quote was good plus they use better materials)
4. 13th Road Re-Grading Proposal/Landscaping (Sent back to Grounds Committee for more info)
5. Board Member Jan Kennemer brought up that there is a swing near the tennis courts that is against AV rules. Suggested that AV cut swing down. This was tabled since was not in Board Packet. She has also written up Covenants Violation and it will be presented to that Committee at their next meeting.

-General Manager Report
1. 2nd Dog Approval granted
2. Call for candidates will go out next week.
3. Unit owner that put in cat door will replace door since all doors in AV are supposed to be solid.
4. Unit #746 is getting sent a certified letter about their deck infractions.
5. Resident request to change minutes since they were incorrect.
6. Pool lights have not been working for a week. Did not know pool was shutting hour early all week.

Dog Swim Report:
Unit #669 said that the Dog Swim would take place on September 14th. A dedication will happen at 5:20 PM and an Arlington County Board Member will be there as well as our State Senator.

Assets Report:
Lengthy discussion about changing management companies from Armstrong to either Associa or Legum and Norman. Both companies sounded very qualified to take over. Questions were asked about website hosting, web resources for residents, health care for employees, different reporting forms, staff resources to assist with AV reserves. Some of the web resources include having e-blasts, being able to see your account online, ability to update unit information online including things like changing license plate number, having forms online such as pool passes that could be done electronically instead of faxed. The companies were not voted on this evening, still looking for more background references. Most likely will be voted on next Board Meeting. (I think we should all be thankful that the committee was so thorough...really great work)

Communications Report:
New Chair – Deborah Katz

Left Meeting at 10:30

Still on Agenda
Covenants Report, Grounds Report, Enviro Resources Report, CHCA Report, President’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Old Business, Executive Session

Anonymous said...

Jan is such a vicious old crone. Cut down a kids swing! Now that’s sad.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Jan had issues with all the flags people were putting up on their units (you know with the bunny for Easter, and the snowman for winter), and her particular concern over the “gay flag?” Now it’s a little tyke’s swing! I wonder if the Village has ever ripped out her illegal attic in her old unit?

Arlington Village Owner said...

Please refrain from name calling. It is inappropriate. If you don't like how certain Board Members act...then you should remember that when it comes election time in October...or go to a Board Meeting and express your concerns.

Anonymous said...

Point of fact.... all crones, by definition are "old." So by saying "old crone" you're being redundant.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not so sure...

Age, of course, is relative. I think the "withered" part is more apt than age; so, in theory anyway, there could be a young crone and and old crone.

I know a hag, and she can't be more than 35 or 40 years of age.

Then again, I know an old hag, too.

And, for the record, my post has nothing to do Jan.

I love this blog. I just wish that I didn't have to read the word "diarrhea" in restaurant reviews or "poop" in pool discussions. That's just me, though.