Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tax Assessments in Arlington

We got a question the other day in a separate post...does anyone have an answer for one of our neighbors?

"Has anyone ever been successful contesting the county tax assessment?"


Kinney said...

Yes. But it is usually because they disprove the assessors underlying assumption. The one that I know of was on an unbuildable lot that was assessed as if it were a buildable lot.

If you are just trying to say that the condo is worth 10K or 20K less with only limited evidence it won't work. Think of it from their point of view, they assessed x number of condos at about the same value and and only x-2 people complained about the assessment. They must think they got it pretty close.

Zak said...

FWIW, it can be done. I'm not sure about Arlington, but in other counties, I've known people that have contested because they bought the house from a family member and the price was about 10x what they bought it for, combined.

Katie said...

In related news, how far have our housing values dropped in the past 6 to 9 mths?

I see there is a lovely looking 1 BR in a good location begging for $299K...