Wednesday, February 4, 2009

L&N Letter to Homeowners - Did You Receive?

Did everyone receive the letter from L&N regarding the transition from Armstrong? The letter states that if haven't received your coupon books to call 703-600-6000 or our Community Manager - Andy. Andy's number is 703-848-4324.

It also indicates that any late fees from January were waived by the board. Good thing! With all the confusion that certainly was the right decision.


Erin said...

I got that letter Tues. and one from Arlington Village Mgt. yesterday saying that they would need to come into my condo on either Monday or Tuesday because Legum & Norman "questioned the interest percentage (size of your unit) assigned to your unit. To clarify this questions, it is necessary for our staff to enter your unit."

Have others received this memo? I wonder if this is good or bad for my dues?

Anonymous said...

It's good if your condo fees go down. Not good if your condo fees go up.