Friday, February 20, 2009

Sharing Back Yards

I saw this piece in Daily Candy the other day and thought I'd share. I know we can't vegetable garden in the Village but alas maybe someday we'll be able to!

Baby Got Back
Sharing Backyards Service

Very wary, not too merry about how that garden grows.
No silver bells, vegetable smells, nor room for flowering rows.

If you’re feeling quite contrary about the state (or lack) of your outdoor space, find a solution at Sharing Backyards. The collective site looks to pair people seeking and offering yard space for gardening.

Browse existing listings throughout the District or post your own stating your needs and wants. Then rake in the matches and commence growing veggies, fruits, herbs, and whatever else floats your sprout.

The company’s goal is to localize the food supply one garden at a time. Members also use the community to swap tips on organic gardening and working with local officials to cultivate public space.

Time to roll up those green sleeves.

Available online at


Zak said...

It would be nice to have a vegetable garden in AV. Having one on the porch (as some of my neighbors have tried) is just too hard due to the hot summer sun and no shade.

BTW, the communication committee met with the management company about the web site this past week. I'll update when I hear more from then.

Anonymous said...

That is a positive development. We need an updated site.

Anonymous said...

I thought we were not "allowed" to grow veg and fruit, or is that just in the soil where they can go nuts and look eyesore-ish?

Anonymous said...

You can grow veggies in containers.