Friday, October 10, 2008

Updating Your Condo?

Over the last few days a neighbor of mine has been doing work on their condo. I see workmen going in and can smell paint, etc... It started me thinking about all the contract work that goes on in the Village. I was wondering if people would like to share the names of good contractors and what they did for you. (For example...Mr. Smith's Electrical redid my lights in the kitchen, call 999-5555 and ask for Mr. Smith)

If there is someone that you would not suggest...I would merely say I wouldn't recommend them personally. You don't want some vendor going after you for badmouthing them on the internet.

I know the Village recommends people too...but it seems shady especially with what happened to the doors last year. If you don't remember from the August Board Meeting Notes:

-Unit #418: Wants reimbursement ($840) for doors that were installed by recommended vendor of Arlington Village. Doors are damaged (installer cut them and voided warranty) and falling apart. Has been having problems for a year and would like resolution to problem as soon as possible. (Discussed under new business)

If you remember from a past post...Nascar 20 talked about their ideas on the subject.


CUPcake said...

That’s a very good idea actually. There have been several attempts at something similar in the past. No one has had the tenacity to stick with it all the way through. And don’t get down on the Village staff, they’ve got a pretty good track record with getting the best folks at the best price. If there are accusations of insider dealing then the BOD should be made aware of them and have them investigated if deemed necessary.

Anonymous said...


What if the "insider dealing" is among the BOD or the staff?

As a Greeks might say, who oversees the episkopos?"

Anonymous said...

The Board knows they were at the meeting. Some just don't care and some just don't want to engage.

I think it is just awkward to have someone in the office that is married to one of the contractors that does work in the village. Now when that contractor does bad work no one wants to say anything bad to the office assistant.

How many complaints get shoved under the rug by this person since she takes the calls most of the time? Over 50 doors in Arlington Village have to be replaced because of this guy. How is that a good track record?

Anonymous said...

My recommendation would be to NOT use anyone they recommend. Besides sub-par workmanship, it's impossible to get anyone they recommend to stay in contact with you.

Anonymous said...

I shopped the area for prices and looked at work samples completed. Regency (with its family relation to Greenfield and Imperial) was an excellent choice to re-do my kitchen.

avlover said...

well i can say that greenfield does beutiful work. i just had my kitchen done to my needs and i love it. they have also done work for past board members(Jill luis - kathy thompson. so if are last president hired them, they must be good!