Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How's your grass?

Well...I'm sure everyone has seen the little holes in your yard over the past few days. It's the time for seeding grass so that next year we all have lovely green terrain to look at.

However, I'm still having problems from when the gas companies dug up the yard a few years ago. I've heard that others have had the same problem. Does anyone know if Arlington Village plans on taking a look at problem spots? Perhaps the Grounds Committee can give us some turf?


Anonymous said...

The grounds committee apparently wants to ensure that no one takes a look, dear blogger.

To wit; where I live there has been an exposed cable (tv) snaking along the ground for years. I noticed that the "plug" machine scored a direct hit upon the exposed cable - no mean feat.

With any luck, a grass seed could get into the newly spliced cable, germinate, and wallah! Grass where there was none before! Comcast goes green!

femf8tle said...

My grass is way fine! Totally awesome grass. Gonna cultivate it real soon.

420 bro

Anonymous said...

Is it in the ravine?

Anonymous said...

I walk my dog and see bad spots everywhere. I don't understand why all the money seems to go to trees. We need grass too.