Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Should Arlington Village Move into the Social Media Age?

It is great that we have a new website out there for Villagers. It is not perfect, yet, but it is a good start. What is the next step? I would like to see an Arlington Village page on Facebook and the Board of Directors consider a twitter account.

The Environmental Resource Committee has incorporated twitter into its sight and I can definitely see the value.

More people each day rely on social networking and other sites to obtain information about our community and related news. My aunt sent me a friend request on Facebook the other day so it is certainly mainstream.

Having these sites out there, I feel, would only add value to our community and we should not be afraid of them. While I have received criticism as a blogger who blogs about Arlington Village, I believe the site has provided value and (some) transparency to a number of important community issues.

Sure, as Arlington Village, we can do nothing and keep the status quo. However, Arlington Village may think they control the message, but they do not. You can not control what is out there and being said on the web/social media/other sites. What we can do is embrace it and lead it.

Thoughts about moving our community forward and into the social media world?


Anonymous said...

I found an Arlington Village page on Facebook but it's "closed." You have to request to be added to the inner sanctum. Eff that.

Anonymous said...

Are you that paranoid that you believe residents need 24/7 updates on what's happening in AV?

I've been here for 12 years and there is no problem with the way AV communicates with our community.

They have no hidden agendas, no one is trying to hoodwink anyone and, alarmimg folks with this hysteria is plain irresponsible.

If you're feeling insecure or concerned with AV affairs, pick-up the telephone (remember the telephone?) and call the managements office; they'll calm down any fears you may have...

Anonymous said...

Thank you blogger. As a resident, I am actually interested in my community and seeing more about it online. I completely disagree wtih the post above. Paranoid and insecure - if this poster does not need 24/7 news on their community then why are they reading the blog? Hmmmmm.

Some residents like to read items and get information online. That is what millions of Americans are doing right now and why Facebook has 350 Million users.

It is nice to have information about your community from different sources and do not require you to attend a monthly board meeting.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Hoodwink.

My grandma says that. She has a facebook page too. AV should move its technology forward.

Anonymous said...

Someone should recommend these items to the Board. I feel like it is something we should look into and would be interested in getting involved.

I am not sure what 9:46pm Anonymous blogger is talking about. There is no hysteria in the posting. Items get posted online all the time about everything. It is the new world we live in.

Anonymous said...

again, i'm sensing blogger is responding to her own responses, that's funny.

now, get a life and stop making such a big deal over absolutely nothing.

this is a small community where everyone but you likes to be left alone. it's not facebook. it's av, moron.

nobody cares but you, because you have an idle mind. so please, go christmas shopping and stop terrorizing our neighborhood with your inflamatory blog.

what's your next suggestion? camera's on barton and edgewood streets so you can tell who's coming and going?....

ha, ha, ha,... you're either lonely or pathetic... i'm guessing both.

if you had any backbone, and if this was a REAL blog, you would approve this message..

if not, please go away.

AV Resident said...

To the above commenter, I do not comment on my own blog listings. I published your comment to show other residents who are interested in staying in touch via the internet and sites like this what kind of neighbors we have out there. I think the words speak for themselves.

All I will say back to this person is if the blog bothers you, do not read it.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, perhaps I missed something...

Is AV Owner and AV Resident the same person in the mind of Anonymous of 2:33 pm yesterday?

I keep seeing her same insults to anyone who blogs: "get a life","moron","idle mind", "you're either lonely or pathetic... i'm guessing both."

Here's my contribution: Lady, you are crazy.

Anonymous said...

I lived in a gated community years ago where you could see who was at the front entrance via a local TV channel.

Camera's on Barton and Edgewood St.?

I understood the silliness of their comment, and I do agree that we're making too much out of "social technology."

Too much "big brother," and not enough talking over the fence, or attending fuctions where you can have a meaningful conversation.

I want to talk to my neighbors face-to-face to sense their sincerity and energy. You don't get that on Facebook...or a blog.

Instead we live in a community (based on this blog) that is divided over community politics, and hatefullness toward people we haven't even met.

That's hurtful, and hurtful to read.

I don't believe that the same people who write the inflamatory remarks are the same people in person.

This forum could be useful, but I'm sensing it's used to divide Vs bringing people together which is what community spirit is all about.

There is no trick in catching someone doing the wrong thing. None of us are perfect.

My point is this; why not catch someone doing the right thing and make a big deal over that, Vs tearing people down and making public fools of them?

Use the blog toward something positive and you'll find that behaviors will change and the comments less rigid.

Enought from me.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Mark W said...

Is there a real difference between the board managed E-blast as compared to FaceBook for what your talking about? I personally don't want another place to get my information.

1. AV Crier
2. Board E-Blast
3. Website
4. Meeting Minutes
5. Various Blogs
and now
6. Facebook
7. Twitter

The strongest advantage for the Facebook idea is the idea of residents being able to quickly interact/invite/inform people to AV happenings. While I would still join, I would be annoyed if I was bombarded with messages that weren't urgent or community related. I would grow ever tiresome of people's rants that they aren't happy.

My one comment to the security cameras is simply to laugh and then sigh at how ridiculous people are. You want a camera, pay for one yourself. Put it on your front door so that when you are lonely, you can watch AV on your TV. Ooh Ooh - sign me up for that. But if you do, can you record the folks who let their dogs watch off leash...

Sarah said...

To the 2:33pm anonymous commenter, YOU are the one who needs a LIFE and GROW UP. Calling people names is just stupid.

Who says things like that? Stop reading this blog if the internet and social media bother you.

I would like to see a facebook page.

Anonymous said...

I deleted my comments because they were rude and insensitive.

Anonymous said...

Can the 12/02 9:46 pm poster explain the paranoia comment? And the 12/3 2:33 pm comment on the blogger responding to his own posts? Why do you think so?

Also? The plural of camera is cameras (no apostrophe). So y'all need to get a grammar lesson before you call each other out.

Anonymous said...

Has anonymous posting, though generally protected by law, become so toxic that it should be discouraged?

The Argument

It has. To promote the social good of lively conversation and the exchange of ideas, transparency should be the default mode. And that goes both for lofty political discourse and casual comments on Amazon. “Says who?” is not a trivial question. It deepens the reader’s understanding to know who is speaking, from what perspective, with what (nutty?) history, and with what personal stake in the matter. It encourages civility and integrity in the writer to stand behind her words.

There are times when anonymous posting is necessary, when disclosure is apt to bring harsh retribution — I’ll come to that — but more often, anonymous posting sustains a culture, or at least a hideous subculture, of calumny and malice so caustic as to inhibit the very discourse the Web can so admirably enable. Writers should not do it, and Web site hosts should not allow it.

It is the conversational version of Gresham’s law: bad discourse drives out good.

Here is a guideline. The effects of anonymous posting have become so baleful that it should be forsworn unless there is a reasonable fear of retribution. By posting openly, we support the conditions in which honest conversation can flourish. Ethics urges us to act in ways that promote this social good which, except when facing a genuine threat, means writing with civility and signing your name.

-- Greg M.

Jay Madham said...

Kudos, Greg.

That is why I will not read the so-called Federalist Papers! Especially Federalist 10. No one should read them.

Ummm - Have you thought this through?


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