Thursday, December 10, 2009

Contractors - Open Thread

Who do you use? Who do you recommend? There have been requests from residents to put this out there. Please don't bash contractors unnecessarily, but I agree, it is more helpful to hear from residents who they use for maintenance in the Village than looking it up online or in the Yellow Pages.

I have had great luck with Kolb Electric for electrical work. I also highly recommend talking to the office if you have a question about any work you are doing in your unit. The facilities manager, John, knows more about our units than any other person in the Village. Though I have never used it, I believe you can also ask the office to send a worker over for minor repairs (leaky faucet) and they charge a modest fee for the work.


Katie said...

My toilet was running a marathon so I called the office. They sent over a guy at no charge--just paid for the part. We pay so much for water that it's worth fixing any leaks.

I'd like to get someone decent to do handyman work plus power wash the deck. Maybe a bunch of us can get together and get a group rate for the latter, come spring?

Anonymous said...

(703) 599 0060

He and his son are wonderful. Extremely clean and thorough. Helped finish my kitchen remodel and did the bathroom from scratch. He came in a few thousand dollars below another contractor who had done a lot of work in the Village. Also stepped up and finished a neighbors kitchen remodel when the aforementioned other contractor bailed without finishing the project.

Anonymous said...

Understand that you're going to get a biased perspective here. If you have a negative experience with a contractor, you need to be very careful before you post it here. If you don't have full documentation of the issues, the contractor can come after you for libel.

No, being anonymous doesn't protect you. If the contractor is revved up enough, s/he could obtain the IP logs for this site.

Just sayin' is all.

Anonymous said...

Hammernuts, says...

Oh, please. Libel what?

These aren't celebrities; they're plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning, blue collar, salt of the earth...

However, some of these contractors are ripp-off, cons. They'll make fools of you.

I want to know who should or shouldn't be in my home.

I want to know whose fair and, I want to know who's ripping you off. And nameing names puts everyone on notice.

So, please help me decide who's going to cause me aggravation and who's going to be honest, and won't make me feel like a fool with spending my money.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster. We need a list because most of us don't have a clue (I'll speak for myself) if we're being jerked, until it's too late.

Katie said...

Mentioned in the crier thread: $2K to install a washer/dryer? Why?