Thursday, August 13, 2009

AV Blast...Thefts in Arlington Village

Subject: Thefts in Arlington Village.

The Arlington Village Management Office has been notified by several residents of thefts that have been occurring throughout the Village (S.16th, S. Edgewood and S Barton Sts) during the last week. Items such as plant hangers, window boxes, and flower pots have been reported stolen from in front of residents units. Also hub caps have been reported stolen off of a car parked on S. Edgewood.

The Security Committee has been in contact with Captain Nuneville, of the Arlington County Police Department. Captain Nuneville reports that Arlington Village is not the only neighborhood experiencing thefts of both car items and other things. The Arlington County Police Department has been having problems all summer, with catalytic converter thefts and license plate thefts (not in the Village) in other
areas close by the Village and all over the Third District.

At this time Capt. Nuneville will put in a request for extra police checks at nighttime in Arlington Village, per the Security Committees request. Capt Nuneville stated that " the Arlington Village community
needs to ensure that all valuables that they don't want taken, be removed from the outside. Times are tough right now and anything goes as far as stealing something. We will do our best"

Help prevent Larceny from Autos by doing the following:
• Always lock your car
• Close the windows
• Do not leave valuables in plain view (GPS, Satellite Radios, and Cell Phones etc.)

Please report all crimes and suspicious activity to the Arlington County Police immediately, with a follow up call to the Arlington Village Management Office

Thank you,
The Security Committee


Anonymous said...

2 of my hanging flower baskets were taken overnight. I will think twice about buying them next year. How can you secure a hanging flower basket? I hope someone is enjoying them and getting my moneys worth of enjoyment out of them.

Anonymous said...

Earlier this week AV sent out an email blast to all residents regarding this post.

If your not on their (email) list I would strongly encourage you to call the management office today.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your flowers. That's really rotten.

Marla said...

Actually, I had my license plate stolen.

Anonymous said...

Someone stold my mind, and I have no idea how to look for it.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny.

Anonymous said...

I will think twice about buying them next year.

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Anonymous said...

Arlington County Virginia's auxiliary police program is presently the subject of two Americans With Disabilities Act complaints. The complaints arise from the case of an auxiliary (volunteer) officer who suffered a concussion while participating in a police fundraising event and was terminated due to his concussion. One case is being handled by the county manager's office, while the other is being handled by the US Department of Justice.

The complaints allege that Arlington County ignored the officer's request for reasonable accommodation and his offer to provide medical documentation of fitness for duty, but instead terminated him solely because of a statement from the officer that, according to his neurologist, effects from a concussion could occur as much as 18 months following an injury. According to the complaints, Arlington County neither asked for, nor received, details regarding the officer's individual diagnosis or prognosis. Additionally, the police department did not offer leave or other accommodations short of termination.

Details of the complaints are available at

Anonymous said...

On Friday I noticed 2 young teens (13-14?)walking through parking lots in AV and looking at the wheels of cars. They were walking in b/t the cars and I believe they were looking for cars w/ hubcaps but all the cars in my lot didn't have hubcaps so they continued on. I walked out to get my mail and they saw me and started to walk more briskly. Please be on the look-out.