Monday, August 24, 2009

Agenda for August Board Meeting on August 25

Here's what was sent on the AV Blast for Tuesday's Board Meeting. They hopefully aren't going to make the people who signed the pool petition wait 3 hours to discuss lengthening the pool season by 2 weeks. Tomorrow is the last day to sign the petition...go to the pool where the sign-in sheet is and the petition is right next to it.

Feel free to send in your feedback from the meeting if you attend.

7:30 PM
RESIDENTS’ FORUM (Limit 5 minutes each, 20 minutes total)

7:50 PM

7:51 PM

7:55 PM

8:00 PM
GUEST REPORT (Limit 20 Minutes)
Mr. Doug Yon and Ms. Sara Guerrero presenting the Draft Reserve Study.

8:30 PM
MANAGEMENT REPORTS – Staff (limit 30 minutes each)

Facilities Manager’s Report
Action Items
1. Brick Point-Up
2. Pool Repairs
3. Area Landscaping Proposal
4. Sign for Bike Room

Informational Items
General Manager’s Report
Action Item
1. 2 Foster Dog applications
2. Request to keep two pets
3. Crier Policy
4. Changing Door Color
5. Water shut-off issues
Informational Items

9:30 PM
COMMITTEE REPORTS: (Limit 5 minutes each)
Assets Management – Chair Rob Elsroad
Communications – Chair Deborah Katz
Covenants – Chair Richard Pelkey
Environmental Resources/ Water Conservation – Leah Pellegrino
Grounds - Chair Eric Lerch
Security – Chair Jill Lewis
Columbia Heights Civic Association/ Penrose – Director Ed Miltenberger
Meeting Room Renovations – Jan Kennemer
Dog Swim Committee – Sharyn Fitzgerald

10:15 PM
PRESIDENT’S REPORT: President Greg Mesack

10:35 PM
TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Jenny Ericson

10:55 PM
OLD BUSINESS: (Limit 5 minutes each)
1. Dog/Cat Registration
2. Process Documentation

11:05 PM
NEW BUSINESS: (Limit 5 Minutes)
1.2010 Draft Budget
2.Expand the effort to place doggie bag mail boxes on all trash can enclosure.
3.Extended Pool Hours Petition
4.WiFi discussion

11:25 PM
Covenants issues

11:30 PM


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the wi-fi discussion is about?

Anonymous said...

I had a hi-fi once but never a wi-fi, sorry.

Anonymous said...

What happened last night?