Friday, July 9, 2010

Twisted Vines - New Spot on the Pike has been a few months since Twisted Vines opened up. Any thoughts about its presence on the Pike? I've gone in a few times. The service was good and the atmosphere relaxed. Definitely a step up from LA Bar and Grill.


Rachael Ray said...

It's not that new.

Manee Thai is a "step up" from LA Bar.

Twisted Vines could be a lot better--they really don't know much about wine, it's overpriced for the area, and the food is not exciting in the least. And they don't know that much about wine.

Try Screwtop--vastly better.

It's better than nothing though.

G. Clifford Prout said...

Will be out of business by Halloween. Probably run by women.

Anonymous said...

Tough crowd. We like going there and the food is tasty. We've also met friends there and they liked it and they know wine.

Anonymous said...

Nice place, but I have to agree with Rachael Ray that the servers don't seem to know much about wine.

Rachael Ray said...

They should hire a manager--someone with actual restaurant experience--who has taken sommelier training.