Sunday, June 27, 2010

Red Light Cameras

Have you been caught yet? Here are the intersections to look out for:

Eastbound Lee Highway at North Lynn Street (Activated June 21, 2010)
Southbound Ft. Myer Drive at westbound Lee Highway (Activated June 21, 2010)
Westbound Lee Highway at Washington Boulevard (Activated June 21, 2010)
Northbound North Glebe Road at Fairfax Drive (may be activated June 21, 2010)

Watch out...these are $50 tickets!


Anonymous said...

The only one that I might have issues with is the 66 west bound light, but, frankly, I've seen a ton of people go through that light...

Anonymous said...

"Overall, the data in the VTRC report painted a grim picture consistent with prior, independent investigations.

"The cameras were associated with an increase in total crashes. Arlington and Fairfax County saw significant increases, Falls Church and Vienna saw non significant increases, and Fairfax City saw a nonsignificant decrease."

Although it is now widely accepted that red light cameras are associated with increases in the number of rear end collisions, the VTRC report did not solely attribute the overall increase in accidents and injuries to this type of collision. Angle collisions also increased.

"Cameras were associated with an increase of between 31 percent and 54 percent for rear-end crashes overall," the report found. "The association of the cameras with angle crashes differed among jurisdictions, although a preponderance of test results suggested an increase."

Anonymous said...

there's also one at route 50 and fillmore st. eastbound.

Anonymous said...

The Fillmore one and the Manchester St one are not working at this time. You can blast thru those lights at will. Go for it.