Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bathrooms, Bathrooms, Bathrooms

Have you updated your bathroom? Gotten rid of that cast iron tub? Tried to figure out how to get rid of 2 levels of floor tile?


Anonymous said...

The second layer of tiles created a gap between the toilet seal and flange. I removed the layer under the toilet to lower the toilet to the correct height from the flange. This had created a large leak into my kitchen. Bathroom contract have the ability to raise the height of the flange to accommodate for the height of tile but many are not worried about the risk.

Anonymous said...

If you are doing a remodel, go for the complete gut. Your bathroom will be better supported and less likely to face issues.

I'd even recommend replacing the piping as 60yrs does some really disgusting things.

Anonymous said...

I had Lofft Construction redo my bathroom last fall. I found them through Angie's List. They gutted it down to the studs and replaced everything except the ceiling. Under the floor, we found the original b/w tiles and then a layer of concrete. They did not take up the concrete. Overall a decent job for a shade over $10,000. Great tile work on the floor and shower walls.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the 10 grand from Lofft included everything fixtures, tiles, sink, toilet, tub, etc. I only had to buy the paint. But they painted it.

Anonymous said...

We used Imperial to do the bathroom remodel and were very happy with the results.

Due to the two layers of tile on the wall there was a leak that damaged the ceiling in the kitchen. Also the floors/pipes weren't up to current codes. We gutted it to where I stood in my kitchen and could see the bathroom ceiling.

We even put in one of the jacuzzi tubs that fit in the standard size bath spot.

I miss that bathtub.

Anonymous said...

Done it twice -- two different units. Both times scary leaks into the kitchen (and nearly a collapsing ceiling) led to a total gutting (although we did not do all the pipes.) This time used Greenfield -- we bought materials (Ikea, H Depot, Lowes)and they installed. Did a nice job, took REALLY long, but still left a few things incomplete which we were/are frustrated by...10,000 seems like a lot but perhaps your fixtures/tile was more special?