Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Be sure to turn on your porch light and have candy ready! I wonder how many trick-or-treaters we will have this year? Arlington Village seems to have more kids in the neighborhood these days. Speaking of, how can we cater to young families and make Arlington Village an attractive place for this demographic?

Safety Tips from the Arlington County Police:

Always use crosswalks and sidewalks and walk facing traffic
Carry a flashlight or glow stick
Wear light colored clothing and reflective stickers on costumes
Only trick or treat at houses you know and are well lit
Travel in groups; children should have adult supervision
Inspect all candy and treats before children eat them
Notify police of suspicious activity


Katie said...

At a recent board meeting, a resident with little kids brought up this issue. She suggested building a small playground--not a bad idea, if the budget allows. Also, she talked about how people speed down Barton and Edgewood, endangering kids, pets, and adults alike! Speed bumps would help, if we can get the county to agree.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone have trick or treaters?

I had my lights on, candy ready and door open, but NO ONE showed-up.

What happened?

Anonymous said...

How many did people have? Out on 16th street, I think we had about 25, but that might have missed some early and late ones.

Great to see some folks sitting outside greeting all the little ones.

Mark said...

I'll plan to be at the meeting to voice my disdain for speed bumps. I support them around schools, but kids/dogs/adults should not be walking in the streets where cars drive.

I'd support arlington buying shorter leashes for those dogs/kids/adults you refer to.

Anonymous said...

Mod, why did you include that crazy response from "Mark"?