Friday, October 9, 2009

Executive Session Meeting Last Night

I received 2 requests last night to find out what happened at the Executive Session meeting. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

I heard it was a total mess with JK leading the way. I don't understand what this is all about besides the fact that they're trying to create trouble - but why? Are the doing this for Carmen hoping to bring her back? Sure doesn't sound like it. They are now attacking the board for their decision and stating that they didn't call the meeting last night properly. What is the purpose of this and why are they behaving this way? There was a resident in attendance apparently demanding to know WHY Carmen was let go. Why is it so difficult for people to understand that this discussion and decision was made in Executive Session and it cannot be discussed outside that room. Plus if you really cared about Carmen why would you push this point where it could be so potentially embarrassing to her?

AV is FINALLY fortunate enough to have a thoughtful, caring, intelligent and HONEST Board - sans a few members - and it really makes me wonder why this particular faction is fighting them and their decision so viciously. It truly does not make any sense and of course makes me wonder what their ulterior motive is. I would love to hear from that faction in this forum so that possibly they can state their case in a more mature and thoughtful way so that it might make sense to those of us that aren't on the 'JK'list so to speak.

Anonymous said...

This is very sad and definitely not for the Village. Once again JK is demonstrating that she will do her best to make life miserable for people if she doesn't get her way. I hope the board hangs tough.

Lily said...

What the? If your so curious about what goes on in the village, roust youself from in front of the tee-vee and go to see for yuorself. And what happened to AV Owner's rule that you can't hide behind your anonymity anymore, Mr. Anonymous poster (above). It takes zero courage, Mr. Anonymous poster, to take potshots at someone while you get to remain anonymous.

All the best,

Jennifer said...

So has noone else heard that Arlington Village's phones were disconnected last month because the bill hadn't been paid? Wouldn't Carmen be in charge of that?

Anonymous said...

Oh Lily - you really are a hoot!! There you sit on your pompous little touche, in your little gilded cage, yelling 'foul'. Those aren't pot shots darlin - those are facts and we all know it.

I would also like to say that I admire your 'courage' to state your 'real' name. I also bet you live in unit 809 huh?

Anonymous said...

I tell you what, Lily: I rousted myself from the tee vee and went to the meeting. I had read JKs email (posted yesterday) and read the fliers. I sat and listened to the comments about lawsuits and condo association violations. The poster is exactly correct, and I say so anonymously for this simple reason: If I had known that JK was going to take pictures I’d have stayed in front of the tee vee. I don’t want to have my picture on JK’s real estate web page nor in her scrap book. I don’t want her to take my picture for any reason. I don’t want to buy real estate from her, and I don’t want her to sell mine. I don’t agree with her decisions, and I haven’t voted for her position on the board of directors. But as she is on the board, I would like to remain anonymous.

To AVO: I understand if you choose not to post my comment. Perhaps you could just pass it along to Lily.

Arlington Village Owner said...

In case you were wondering why there haven't been any new posts since last night it is because some individual(s) is/are beyond hateful. The blog can't believe that someone would actually write some of the posts that were sent in. The blog looks forward to actual accounts from the meeting on Thursday and not attacks on Board Members or the blog.

Lucy N. said...

RE: In case you were wondering why there haven't been any new posts since last night it is because some individual(s) is/are beyond hateful. The blog can't believe that someone would actually write some of the posts that were sent in. The blog looks forward to actual accounts from the meeting on Thursday and not attacks on Board Members or the blog.

Calling someone out on their own bigotry and hatred is not hateful; depriving your visitors the right to hear all sides of the story is. If "Jennifer" can post an outrageous lie, why can't we hold her to account for it?

Anonymous said...

I heard the same rumor about the phones turned off for non payment of the telephone bill. There has to be more to this and about the performance of the general manager who was let go. Anyone taken time to ask the board about this?

Arlington Village Owner said...

Again, please refrain from sending in personal comments. The bloggers have had to read some disgusting comments and can't believe these are actually AV residents that we live next door to. Comments that deal with "afterbirth" AND saying that the blog is about being the Board's puppet AND saying that the blog is about hate.

It's funny that most of the time the comments say how the blog is against the Board now suddenly the blog is for them. I guess the blog overestimated the decency of the residents of AV. From the comments that haven't been able to be posted other AV residents should be concerned about who they might be living next to.

Anonymous said...

The meeting was attended by quite a few residents. During resident's forum people were concerned that Arlington Village would be sued because the Board fired Carmen. Some people were concerned with the validity of the meeting. Some people agreed with the Board's decision. It looks like nominations for the Board will be taken during the Gerneral Meeting. There was almost a fight during Resident's Forum. A guy asked another guy to take it outside. When the Board went into executive session some people got a bit hysterical outside. Someone even suggested contacting the local news outlet about the situation. Seemed a bit radical when they don't have all the information but I understand that a lot of people care for Carmen.

Hephzibah Fitzwilly said...

Seems to me, the folks most worried about any potential litigation are the ones looking to foment some. The majority of folks on 10/8 wanted to know the dirt. What did she do? What previous actions had the BOD taken etc? At least in my humble world of work that is information you don’t really broadcast. It was interesting that the resident in the front row who kept needling the BOD about how all his questions would be answered brought up the issue of the attic litigation from a number of years ago. I asked a past BOD member in the room about that and learned that a resident brought suit against the Village in her attempt to occupy the attic above her unit. I was told the BOD prevailed in the litigation, but lost money in defending itself. The really curious thing was that a sitting BOD member also had burrowed up in her attic. (If one can actually burrow up?) Et tu Jan? Yes it was the author of the Weichert Realty email we received who conveniently created level three in her unit. Wonder if it is still there? Wonder which side of the litigation her vote was on? Not a sermon, just a thought.

Anonymous said...

The meeting was full of Sturm und Drang. Fifty or more people filled the chairs and many of them stood up and vented their feelings during the Residents Forum. I say feelings on purpose because there was precious little thought reflected in most people's remarks. People were understandably shocked and upset by the board's action. However, instead of expressing their true feelings of shock, sorrow or fear, they heatedly pointed to technicalities in the procedure or process the board was following. Many of the people who were most exercised by the board's action seemed to assume that it was done capriciously or without solid reasons--however, these angry ones had not a scintilla of supporting evidence or facts whatsoever. The real feeling underlying the references to procedural issues seemed to be: "I have lived here or owned property here since the Reagan era; I am an AV institution; how dare you take bold action like this without my blessing." As I said, most of what was said was based on pure emotion rather than logic or thought. A smaller number of people in the room were probably just as shocked and saddened as the irate ones, but made it clear they trusted the board's judgement and good will. They also thanked the board for devoting many hours of service to the community. Because they spoke in measured tones and without theatrical gestures, they got less attention.

Anonymous said...

were we all at the same meeting???
a large group a residents attended and each attendee was given an opportunity to ask questions of the board. the board was patient enough to let us all ask questions, but as is their policy, no questions were answered. im not sure why this is done, but what was most frustrating was that the president of the board said repeatedly that he would 'try to answer some of the questions after they had all been asked', but he refused to say when, how or which questions he was willing to answer. it was odd. his refusal to answer, (or to even explain their board procedure as it pertains to resident forum questions) came off (rightly aor wrongly) as smug indifference. didnt we vote him into office? does he think he doesnt have to answer to residents? i understand that the reasons for an employee termination should be kept private, but isnt the closed session opened back up for an open vote? if it is, why cant we find out who voted yes, no or abstain.
im sure that the members who voted yes feel strongly that this was their only choice, but if so why cant they openly stand behind their vote.
in case the president of the board is reading this, what i would like answered, echoes the questions asked of the board at the meeting:

if this employees performance was so egregious that she had to be fired in the middle of the night - shouldnt the vote have been more clear rather than a 4 to 3 vote?

was this performance deficiency discussed previously with the employee, and documented in writing?

was firing the only option? was she offered the opportunity to leave voluntarily?

the president repeatedly said that he wouldnt comment because he didnt wanted to protect the employee - really??? if he really wanted to protect her he would have let her resign voluntarily, and organized a big going away party. the employee would have been gone, which is what you really wanted, and no one would have been the wiser.

(blog author/moderator - many of the postings i have read seem to be one sided. i hope you will choose to run this unedited for the sake of balance - otherwise, what is the point of the blog - thank you)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much these postings sadden me. To think that we are supposed to be mature, intelligent people only to have the AVO censor all of the postings becuase of the vulgar nature of some of the posts is absolutely disgusting. This 'mass hysteria' based not on fact but emotions is certainly reminescent of the Salem Witch Trials. I'm beginning to understand now how that horrific event came about. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has ever been to a Board Meeting knows that Resident's Forum means that you are able to talk for 5 minutes about your issue. I think the way that part of the Board Meeting is run should be changed because it extremely frustrating not getting answers when you are asking questions. But it wasn't done out of malice just the way things have always been done. This includes the presidencies of Jill and Catherine aka the concerned flyer distributors of Arlington Village.

Sick of It said...

Just wondering how someone would know whether Carmen was given the chance to resign or not? Obviously this came from someone that is either a Board Member or is being told things by a Board Member. Any other gossip you want to share with us? Perhaps you can tell us what Carmen's salary was or the latest scoop on who's tattling on who at Covenants? Take your elected position seriously or just quit the Board.

Arlington Village Owner said...

For Your Information:

The blog does not edit people's comments. If you write respectfully, you get posted.

The blog does not take sides either...both sides of an issue always need to be discussed.

Anonymous said...

RE: Carmen's termination-
It seems clear to me that many of the residents, like myself, question the judgment of the current Board.

Rumor is that Carmen was discharged, at least in part, due to her lack of computer skills.

Since the Board's judgment is in question, more should be disclosed as to why Carmen was discharged - in particular since it was done so close to the end of the current Board's term which begs the question if it that influenced the midnight decision.

We expect transparency from our government so why is the Board so surprised that we expect the same from them. Obvious there are some details that might not be appropriate for public disclosure, but the time to hide behind the veil of "secret executive session" is gone.

Alternatively, another way to approach this would be for the Board to articulate what qualities they want in a new GM (from that it would be easier to ascertain some of the Board's rationale).

To the extent that the Board discharged Carmen in violation of AV bylaws, it would be helpful to know if this is true, and if so why it occurred (what was the urgency).

I respect the time the Board and volunteers sacrifice for the betterment of our community. This appreciation has limitations though and does not give the Board carte blanche to act however they wish. Our country is based on check and balances and so should the AV leadership structure.


Anonymous said...

This whole thing boils down to the same things everything in Arlington Village does...'old' guard vs the 'new' people (anyone under 40)...and both are the 'problem'.

The 'old' guard thinks (and tries) to run the Village. Guess what, your neighbors pay the same condo fess, they have the same 'rights' as you do.

The 'new' lives for blissful ignorance of rules, respect of others and common sense.

If you have a criticism of something, get involved in a committee or talk to your neighbor...don't cry about seeing a satellite dish from 200 feet away. If your ignorant neighbor thinks it's 'cool' to have their buddies over every weekend with the TV blasting and people yammering til 2am+, report them to Covenants (who 1 day will hopefully do more than send 'next time' letters).

Sounds like the Board Meetings should have a police presence for the next few meetings. It's so sad that you have morons like the guys that wanted to fight. You guys are real cool to try to fight over the lamest issue I've ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

Last poster, nice ageist and inaccurate comments. Plenty of us "over 40s" are new guard. *raspberry*

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10/11/09 10:33 pm presents a reasonable view of the meeting. It is true that people had a lot of questions about the board's action and that there was not much attempt to address many of the questions. A week removed from the meeting, I still find it incredible that people expected to get detailed answers about a private personnel matter at a public forum. Worse still, people assumed the worst without any information at all. Also, it is simply not true that the vote was narrowly decided. It was 4 votes in favor, 2 abstentions (which is a conscious decision not to vote for or against a matter) and 1 vote against.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the boards decision than run for a seat on the board or find another way to get involved. If you don't want to get involved than stop complaining. A public forum is not the place to share private information and/or debate a personnel matter. People reading blog this must think AV is a terrible place to live, but the opposite is true.

Eleanor Miller said...

Tell me again why this blog's posters remain (mostly) anonymous?