Thursday, July 30, 2009

Board Meeting on 7/28

Anyone attend? Anything to note from the meeting?


Anonymous said...

I did not attend but did receive the e-blast with the agenda. Are they updating the office hours? It would be more convenient for me if the office was open after 4pm. I can not stop by in the mornings because of my job.

Anonymous said...

Just as I see little or no reason to visit my bank--what I need to get done I can do by phone or online--I am trying to think of any reason I would want/need to physically go into the AV office. If I need to report something to the office I call. My previous experience with a management office was that they were open from 8 to 5. I'd like to know some of the reasons people need to go into the office instead of calling or emailing.

Anonymous said...

I would love for the office to have regular hours. I'd also like to have them open one Saturday a month. Even if it is just for a few hours.

Arlington Village Owner said...

Here's an edited version of the agenda:

RESIDENTS’ FORUM (Limit 5 minutes each, 20 minutes total)

MANAGEMENT REPORTS – Staff (limit 30 minutes each)

Facilities Manager’s Report
Action Items
1. Fall Grounds Projects, three proposals

2. 2009 Roof Replacement, three proposals

3. Bike Room Deadline Extension
Informational Items

Elm trees update, Village truck, Country Club work, staff promotion, staff watering trees and shrubs.

General Manager’s Report
Action Item

1. Animal Foster Application
Informational Items
Cell phones, Accounting Software, Web Site training, Pool update

COMMITTEE REPORTS: (Limit 5 minutes each)

A. Assets Management – Chair Rob Elsroad
Budget Projection, 2nd Quarter
B. Communications – Chair Deborah Katz
C. Covenants – Chair Richard Pelkey
D. Environmental Resources/ Water Conservation – Leah Pellegrino
E. Grounds - Chair Eric Lerch
F. Security – Chair Jill Lewis
G. Columbia Heights Civic Association/ Penrose – Director Ed Miltenberger
H. Meeting Room Renovations – Jan Kennemer
I. Dog Swim Committee – Sharyn Fitzgerald

VIII. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: President Greg Mesack

IX. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Jenny Ericson

X. OLD BUSINESS: (Limit 5 minutes each)
1. Dog/Cat Registration
2. Process Documentation

XI. NEW BUSINESS: (Limit 5 Minutes)
1. Confidentiality Commitment
2. Office Hours

Anonymous said...

I went to the office to get a copy of the master insurance policy for my refi. I called before hand and they had it ready by the time I walked over.

Anonymous said...

I've been here 8 years and have NEVER had a need to go to the management office. What on earth do you need to get from the management office that a phone call can't resolve? And anything you request they bring it over to your unit. Or are you not happy un less you're complaining about something....

Anonymous said...

agree with last anonymous.

If they came in on a Saturday, who's paying for that?! No one would "stop by" for any reason anyway.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

I've never been to the management office -- a phone call is all that's necessary to get anything you want.

They're not great but they're good enough for my needs.


Anonymous said...

There are plenty of reasons to go to the office to get something or ask a question. If there is no reason for an office than why have one? Just get a managment service to serve your needs. I'd rather we get extra grounds staff since the property has really declined landscape wise compared to 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Carmen and John have always been quick to reply to emails or calls.

What are the plenty of reasons? What are the many questions? What are the "things" you need to get? Are you just needy and lonely? Go volunteer at the Walter Reed Center.

It's essential to have an office on site when there are 600 homes, and it makes a lot more sense than some random company somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I agree. If apparently no one stops by the office, why should we have one? Just because we have 600 units doesn't mean we NEED it if no one stops by--a management company could do this and it would save us money. I don't want to see anyone lose their jobs but I personally believe we should outsource the general manager but keep facilities people onsite. We should invest the savings in grounds, grass and weed removal/bush trimming.

Anonymous said...

I have stopped by the office on 3 or 4 occasions. When I first moved in I took my key to the office and I have asked for covenants issues to be reviewed. I had a question for the facilities manager and it was much easier to do in person. Face to face. Some people prefer this even if others who have commented do not. They have their opinion and I have mine. I feel like office hours that are more convenient is a service when we already pay condo fees. The staff should not be working hours convenient to them but to us.

Anonymous said...

There have been many times the office did not get back to me. With that being besides the point, I agree with the past poster and say the staff works for us. If enough residents want the hours to reflect the norm then why is it a problem. It was obviously brought up at the board meeting for a reason. The blog didn't make it an issue, the board did.

Katie said...

Good points all around, really. I wish we could discuss the issues that affect our services, fees, and home values in person. We'd have a lot more say.

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Katie said about good points all around, really. What about it, AV homeowner, how about setting up a friendly meet and greet so we can discuss the issues that affect our services, fees, and home values in person? Or maybe I misunderstood. Katie who did you want to meet with to discuss the issues that affect our services, fees, and home values in person? Other owners? John? Carmen? The AV board? Who?

Anonymous said...

Why don't folks stop by the BOD meeting and mention concerns? Propose such a meet and greet? Schedule an informal one on their own? The annual meeting is also coming up in the fall. Candidates who are concerned about AV should consider running.