Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Now Available: Arlington County Homeowner Grant

The Arlington County Homeowner Grant program is offered to low and moderate income homeowners. Homeowners who meet the eligibility requirements receive a check issued once a year. The amount of the check is based on household income and assets and the number of dependents claimed on a federal tax return. The filing deadline is December 31. Check out the link for more details.


Anonymous said...

This is a great program. The paperwork takes 5 minutes to fill out, and you only need to send a copy of your prior year tax form and schedule. I've done it the past two years, and as a single filer, I've received a check each year for $300 from the grant program.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea it existed!

Anonymous said...

If you're single and you make less than $77,000 (I think) and your assets (excluding house and car) are less than like $300,000 (again, I think), then you should qualify for a $300 grant.

Anonymous said...

They had a program like that at my elementary school: the big kids would go around and beat up some kids (me) and end up taking (my) their lunch money.

Then they'd give to other kids who they "felt" should have it.

I lost a lot of weight going without lunch, and the big kids had a lot of other kids doing their bidding for some of their other "projects."

And the kids who ended up with my lunch money never even knew that it was taken from me.

Anonymous said...

Kids can be so cruel :(