Friday, May 1, 2009

Are our taxes going up?

So did anyone see the Washington Post Article today about Northern Virginia Taxes going up?

Here's a paragraph from the story:
Thousands of homeowners in Northern Virginia will see a jump in their real estate taxes this year despite the efforts of local officials who have slashed programs, raised fees and laid off workers to keep tax bills affordable during tough economic times.

Does anyone know what's going to happen in Arlington County?


Kinney said...

The County Board raised the base real estate tax rate 2.7 cents, to 86.5 cents per $100 assessed value. In real money, whether you pay more than last year depends on your 2009 assessment, which you should already have.

Concerned22204 said...

If you use the little link you have on the blog, you could read in the official Arl Co press release the following:

The total tax burden for the average household will decline $48.

Green door Barton St. said...

There was an article, "Alexandria, Arlington buck tax trend," in the Washington Examiner. This is nothing to loose sleep over.

Click on the link.

Anonymous said...

Well, then. There's no reason to be concerned. The county increases expenditures and raises the tax rate and fees, but sends out a press release saying the tax burden will decline.

It's like magic.

Of course, anything you own has been devalued and taxed at a higher rate.

Does EVERYBODY here work for the government?

Anonymous said...

"Only the poor pay taxes."

Who said those sad words?

bobArlington said...

The silver lining of the storm that is this economic disaster - is disciplining local governments - including Arlington - which could barely spend its increased taxed revenues fast enough. Arlington real estate values exploded. Did Arlington Govt use that as an opportunity to lower the tax rate, even a bit. No, they figured out how to spend all that extra revenue. Well now we have slammed against an economic wall, Arlington real estate values have plateaued - and we will see a $48 decrease in our bills. Please.

Arlington is a great county but it would be nice to have something temper govt spending.

Anonymous said...

The ubiquitous Arlington cops sure are busy giving out silly tickets...anyway, I have a new homeowner question: when does the new rate take effect? Retro to Jan 1 2009?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, above:

Congratulations on your new home. You'll have trouble finding a ubiquity of accurate information around Arlington Village (this blog being the exception), and don't even think about asking anyone who works here for help. That said, I believe the tax increase referenced above refers to the 2010 fiscal year, which begins July 1, 2009.

I have found that if you can sort through the mostly insipid comments, the unknown "Arlington Village Owner"has a pretty good grip on what's going on, and is more than willing to share.

Cupcake, though sometimes crude, can be entertaining as well.