Monday, May 4, 2009

Thoughts for the Crier?

Yes it is May and a new Crier is right around the corner...right? Sorry to be snarky but I'm sure I already know what will be in the Crier already:

1. Some kind of enviromental article.
2. Wrap ups of the Security Party and Earth Day Events.
3. Clean up after your dog.
4. Please volunteer.
5. Another enviro article.
6. Shortened version of Board contentious ones included.

Is there anything that you think the Crier is missing or would like to hear more about? Perhaps a copy of the agenda or minutes from last Board Meeting? Status of the AV website?


Anonymous said...

7) turn on the "hose bibs."
8) Make sure the storm windows are installed properly.
9) Deep thoughts from the board president on giving back to the comooooooooooooonity.
10) Carmen's advice.
11) more globalony on Al Gores genius scam for getting your money - and maybe some fiddle lessons.
12) and maybe the beginnings of why the condo fees will increase next year while property values and services decrease.

CUPCAKE said...

That's spooky. Cupcake wrote this months ago and never posted it. Now seems like the right time.


First off the criers crying for the Crier. Goodness....does it really matter if you get it on the first of the month. Cupcake thinks there’s only been a commitment to get it out once a month. And honestly, it’s not as if it were a wealth of knowledge. It’s the same thing each month. The president tells us what season of the year it is. As in.... “Spring has sprung in Arlington Village,” “The dog days of Summer have arrived,” “The Autumn leaves are turning on Edgewood Street.” Who needs a calendar when you’ve got the Crier. After that you’ll get an article about (choose one or more) your garbage disposal, your pet’s poop, the position of your storm windows, a beg for committee service, a call to water the plants, a call to conserve water, a clever quote about community service. Follow up those tidbits with Jan’s real estate ads and a sanitized review of the previous board meeting. Cupcake’s in full agreement, on-line vs. paper is something that needs to be considered. If you want it on paper, pick up a copy at newsstands nearby, i.e. your closest laundry room. Cut down on paper, and use the staff’s time for something more productive than going door to door. If the Christian Science Monitor can go paperless then so can AV.

Marla said...

People still need reminders about their pet poop; I still leave my apartment only to find poop near the sidewalk. Very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Put your dog on a leash!!!

Be considerate of your neighbors, to the kids who easly frighten when a dog runs there way, and because it sez you're NOT above the rules.

You know who you are...

Anonymous said...

You should probably stick to the spoken word in your advice-giving. Or may pictographs.

But, thanks.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I would really want to see in the Crier is the agenda for the upcoming board meeting so we, the taxpayers, can come if we would like to be part of the discussions.

When I need more clever writing of the community news, I come to the AV blog ;)