Friday, January 8, 2010

Comments from Del. Ebbin Regarding VA Bag Tax Proposal

Delegate Ebbin chimed in on the bag tax debate under comments of the last post.

Adam Ebbin said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In terms of money to the government, it really is a voluntary fee. If people don't want to pay, all they need to do is use a permanent bag. My goal is to influence people's minds, not get into their wallets. If the legislation is a true success, we will collect less and less money as consumers become more environmentally supportive. In DC, grocery and drug stores gave out tens of thousands of bags as the program started with many going to poorer residents. I am hopeful that we could work with grocery chains to distribute bags and then to continue distributing bags to food stamp recipients and seniors at no cost.

As your representative to state government, I welcome your thoughts on how we can amend and perfect my legislation. Feel free to write to me directly at

Adam Ebbin
Member, House of Delegates


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous!!! All this is is more government intervention. I want the government to get out of my life and my wallet. President Lincoln said that the government is their to do for the people that which they cannot do for themselves.

Anything else is just government intrusion.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blogger???

This sounds more like YOUR personal agenda!! What's this have to do with Arlington Village?


Stick to neighborhood issues and less about what's on your social agenda.

Shelly said...

This impacts me as a resident of Virginia and Arlington Village.

THANK YOU blogger for letting me know about the proposal. I won't mind the tax if it keeps bags from flying all over the place.

AV Resident said...

To 12:19 anonymous poster: I posted something that will affect the community. It has nothing to do with a social agenda.

If it did, I probably would have blogged about the Presidential election last year(I did not) or the local elections this year.

If poster has a topic he/she would like to see please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Government intervention? A bag tax is government intervention? No, continuing a stupid war in Iraq is government intervention!

Anonymous said...

Changing subjects...

Who won the Christmas decoration contest? Was it posted anywhere?

Thanks, and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

The bag tax is an excellent idea! As Adam Ebbin points out, it is voluntary--bring your own bags and avoid the fee. Unfortunately most Americans have to have a cost inducement to make changes that positively impact the environment. We are way behind the most progressive European countries on such ecological initatives.

T Blair said...

I don't really understand why so many people think Europe is so much more progressive than we are. While I think the countries of the EU offer good ideas so do Americans. Grass is always greener on the other side.

Anonymous said...

"We are way behind the most progressive European countries on such ecological initatives."

What do you mean? Poland? USSR? Norther suburbs of Paris? Andorra? Sun Coast of Spain? The fiefdom of Sark?

Coming up with new ways to take away the resources of the working class, to give to and for the benefit of the governing class is not, and has never been, a good idea in any continent, at any time.

Thrice in the last century it fell the working class of the US to save much of Europe from their "progressives."

Who shall save us?

Anonymous said...

"Thrice in the last century it fell the working class of the US to save much of Europe from their "progressives.""

Wow, you're insane.

Anonymous said...

Insane? Hitler was such a progressive.

Anonymous said...

re: previous poster's reference to Hitler, you have invoked Godwin's Law, that as the length of an online discussion increases, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis/Hitler approaches 1. What this means in practical terms:
o If someone brings up Nazis/Hitler in general conversation when it wasn't necessary or germane without it necessarily being an insult, it's probably about time for the thread to end.
o If someone brings up Nazis/Hitler in general conversation and is basically being used as an insult, the speaker can be considered to be flaming and not debating.
o If someone brings up Nazis/Hitler in any conversation that has been going on too long for one of the parties, it can be used as a fair excuse to end the thread and declare victory for the other side.

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